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El Señor Macaw  Posted on 11/18/2012
We ate breakfast together at the Veranda restaurant at Monterey Del Mar hotel.…
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Emerg in Costa Rica (part 2)  Posted on 11/16/2012
So Eric is completely unfamiliar with this process.  He’s a very healthy young man, and hasn’t had any experience with hospitals.  Before we even begin he’s questioning everything, you know, cause that’s...
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Emerg in Costa Rica  Posted on 11/15/2012
Eric hurt his foot a few weeks ago.  At first it seemed not too serious, even though he had trouble putting any pressure on it.  I hurt my foot the same week and we were both laid up in bed …
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¡Que Chiva!  Posted on 10/21/2012
Chi-Chi is my little rescue dog.  She was originally named Chiva, which means ‘cool’ in Costa Rica, for obvious reasons.  The kids had a hard time remembering that so she became Chi-Chi.  She was somewhere around...
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Puntarenas with Don and Mary Jo  Posted on 10/16/2012
The province of Puntarenas stretches from the Nicoya Peninsula right down to the edge of Panama.  Today, we visited the capital city which was once the main port on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica.  It’s about a two hour...
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  • Darlene 13 June 2012 00:26:14

    Hi Angelina, I'm a single retired woman and have decided to relocate from Louisiana to Costa Rica! I plan to spend my 70th birthday on a sunny, sandy beach in 2014! I'm not sure exactly all of the reasons, but CR has jumped out and captured my heart. BUT - I don't know exactly what to do first to get the wheels turning to relocate to CR. Can you give me a checklist of where to begin??? Many thanks and God bless you for training up your seven children yourself!

  • Benny&Bo
    Benny&Bo 07 May 2012 18:43:37

    Hi Angelina. Can you provide me on some insight of how long the process to obtain your visa/residency in Costa Rica was? Did you scout the location you wanted to live in before you arrived in CR?

    I am soo eager to start my relocation but have no idea where to begin. Any advice would be so greatly appreciated.

  • Linda and Tony Armstrong 28 February 2012 06:27:25

    Hi Angelina - We are a Canadian family into our 8th month of a year long adventure around the world. Check out our blog at intrepidmom.ca. I would love to ask your advice about our visit to Costa Rica. Could you please send me your email address so we can talk more?? Thanks so much,

  • Chasing Mangos
    Chasing Mangos 15 November 2011 16:46:07

    The move when amazingly well. No issues what-so-ever! My children range in ages from 14 years to 2 years. We've decided to continue home educating them as we always have. We will send them to classes to learn Spanish but other than that, our homeschooling has worked well for our family all these years and we've decided to keep going with it. Apparently there are good private schools here, but I haven't done my research on that.

  • Teed
    Teed 14 November 2011 15:54:40

    How did the move go? How old are the children and what was decided on their education? I have 2 daughters 13 & 12 and my only set back from moving the CR is the education, can I affords quality education for my girls.

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