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Just for fun – TMNT 1: Turtle Tracks  Posted on 03/28/2013
Naturally, episode one is the origin episode. In case we don’t remember, it’s martial arts outcast meets mutagenic goo and rats and pet turtles in the sewers of “the big city” makes Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles....
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Can you catch me?  Posted on 03/12/2013
  One of the best things about doing community news has to be the kids. It seems like I might be starting to look like I belong around here because at yesterday’s Commonwealth Day do in Cane Garden Bay, tiny … Continue...
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2012: Favorite faces  Posted on 12/28/2012
Instead of a recap of stuff that happened this year, I’m winding down 2012 by sharing some of my favorite portraits. Most of these I shot with Rebelle, my Canon XSi, which I bought second-hand last year. A few are from …...
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Give thanks, be happy  Posted on 11/22/2012
Happy Thanksgiving! Being grateful is my secret sauce. Whenever people ask me about how in the world I’m so positive or why I stay smiling, I’m usually too busy blushing to say so, but that’s all it is: Giving thanks...
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Mapping history  Posted on 10/22/2012
We put my special report on historic sites up on the Beacon site this week. I had a lot of fun doing it and I’m pretty pleased with the way it turned out.
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Wish list  Posted on 10/10/2012
As much as I love Tortola, shopping is a little hard here. I have friends who look forward to regular trips to St. Maarten or Puerto Rico just so thay can get a shopping bug out of their system. I … Continue reading →
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Listen up  Posted on 09/25/2012
The meat of my media diet, if you will, is podcasts. Especially if I am learning something while I’m listening, I just love them. My Beacon bro Eric recently hopped on the bandwagon and asked for some recommendations. In case …...
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On sadfeels  Posted on 08/17/2012
Thanks to the magic of the internet, I still have the voicemail my Dad left me when he called because he needed to tell me he’d been diagnosed with cancer. It’s equal parts “Don’t worry,” and “I have...
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Low-tech tools  Posted on 05/21/2012
I got a reminder recently that not all the tools in my trusty kit bag need to be high tech. I was covering a crowded, outdoor press conference. My usual strategy of dropping my recorder on a chair or on … Continue reading →
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