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Taking Belize

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added on 16/11/2010 by: DebraandBill
We currently live in the states but we just returned from Belize in September 2010, our 2nd trip and we plan to retire to Belize in the very near future. Our blog is about that journey and retiring to Belize.
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Yes, We Are Finally Back in San Pedro, Belize!  Posted on 05/08/2015
After a lengthy stay back in the US, we are happy to be back in Belize and living in San Pedro. We arrived on the 6th of April and we are pretty much settled back into a life on the Beach.We have been spending time on the island catching...
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Hurricane Ernesto Update  Posted on 08/07/2012
Hurricane ErnestoUpdate for Hurricane Ernesto:There is now a 10:00pm tonite until 10:00am in the morning curfew in place while the storm passes through Belize. Only officials and workers that are on duty will be allowed out at this time....
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Ernesto Our First Hurricane in Belize  Posted on 08/07/2012
Tropical Storm Ernesto will be our first experience with a hurricane since our move to Belize. So far the forecast is that it will be a category 1 hurricane when it comes ashore in Belize. A category 1 can bring winds of 74-95 mph....
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Humane Animal Eradication Begins in San Pedro  Posted on 07/20/2012
A few weeks ago I blogged about the brutal stray dog eradication by strychnine poisoning by the San Pedro Town Council on July 9th. Since that time, Bill Milstead with SAGA Humane Society (and my husband) and Dr.Laurie Droke with San Pedro...
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Brutal Dog Eradication by Strychnine in San Pedro  Posted on 07/13/2012
It should have read "Dogs Beware". As many of you know, we moved to San Pedro, Belize this past January with our three Siberian Huskies. They are part of our family and we could have never moved to Belize without them. Back in...
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Fourth of July Without Fireworks  Posted on 07/05/2012
Peace and Happy 4th of JulyIndependence Day, commonly known as the 4th of July in the US, a federal holiday commemorating the signing of the Declaration of Independence on July 4th, 1776, and declaring Independence from the Kingdom of...
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Africanized Honeybees in Belize  Posted on 07/03/2012
Africanized Honeybee in Belize. The house next door to us has been abandoned and vacant for some time now. They have been trying to sell it. We noticed several months ago that we kept seeing bees flying around and on the ground. The guy...
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Medical Care in Belize and Hablo pequeño inglés.  Posted on 06/29/2012
Bill getting fitted for glasses. What a cutie pie!!! Vision Eye Test Chart. This week Bill and I were able to experience the medical care in Belize and from what we can tell so far, we like it. People ask, "what do you do about...
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  • polly56@verizon.net
    polly56@verizon.net 02 March 2012 20:17:28

    Hi we are joining the line from Florida to Berlize in January 2013. Gordon and Tia

  • pamela1950
    pamela1950 27 February 2012 01:50:21

    we are in early stages of checking into retiring to belize. any help will be appreciated. rent first,where are most americans living for the bestcost. not sure where to start. have only been o belize city on a cruise so need some direction

  • shangy
    shangy 02 July 2011 17:50:42

    We are trying to find info on where in Belize to live safetly and will be visiting in 6 months. tks for the Blog

  • sedona
    sedona 01 December 2010 14:35:15

    Hi, yeah we are hoping to get more info ourselves. We will be going there for a few weeks sometime next year. In the meantime, we are relocating to San Felipe, Mexico. It is about 3 hours from San Diego, CA
    We wanted to experience not living in US yet not too far away to drive back to the States. We hope this will help us to ease into moving to another Country.

    Be Blessed


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