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Long time no see  Posted on 04/16/2012
You will find current pictures and stories of our life here in Belize on FB. Visit facebook.com/JungleJaneBelize or facebook.com/paulette.robinett for updates!
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Happy The Thief  Posted on 11/22/2010
Cheeky Little Happy had a great time at the main house the other day, played with all the dogs, especially gentle Queenie and small Alaska, and proudly carried one of the toys off to her little house, where she unfortunately had to go back...
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Visiting Gaby and Hans at the Garceta Lodge  Posted on 11/22/2010
Two lovely people live at the other end of our village, Gaby and Hans, and we finally had the time to visit them for a few hours last Sunday. We had a great time with coffee and cake and a glass of wine at the river. They have loads of...
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Ant Motels  Posted on 11/22/2010
If I didn't dislike ants so much, especially the fire ants which leave me with itching blisters, I could actually appreciate their building abilities!
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Veterans Day Moussaka  Posted on 11/22/2010
In honor of Robbie, who is an AF veteran, I made one of her favorite dishes: Greek "Moussaka", with layers of potatoes, eggplant, meat sauce, bechamel sauce and cheese. It was really yummy!
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Art Studio "Hobby Lobby" is getting doggie-proof  Posted on 11/22/2010
Now, that Ms. Happy can come out into her dog run, she has figured out that screen material does not hold up to her sharp claws. So the bottom of the Hobby Lobby is getting a rustic look now - I like it a lot! And Happy is watching very...
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Rembrandt and Queenie Relaxing  Posted on 11/11/2010
The two visiting Irish Setters, Rembrandt and Queenie, are having a good time at the farm! There is lots of room to run and play, and our dogs are having fun with them too now. Of course, after a while, it is good to have a pillow to rest...
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Happy gets introduced into the Family  Posted on 11/11/2010
During her first visit at the main house, tough little Happy was completely unimpressed by the other, huge dogs and the two visiting dogs hovering over her. She made herself comfy, played a bit, rested and was just what she was supposed to...
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  • orchis
    orchis 09 September 2009 21:44:44

    Always nice to read your blog.
    Hope to see you soon!

  • leeaust
    leeaust 20 December 2008 19:52:58

    Hi Jena, found you. You forgot to mention how lovely your farm is here in Belize. It is so peaceful and warm and friendly. Lee

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