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added on 05/07/2009 by: expatudon08
my ban dung issan blog for expats tourists and thais working away from home all over the world ban dung is my wifes town we all love ban dung so drop buy and say hello old and new friends are always welcome regards john
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sold ,,garys bar for sale ban dung .. sold sold ....  Posted on 05/10/2010
Bar leasehold for sale ban dung issan Thailand garys bar is for sale in ban dung about a hours drive outside of udon thani a popular bar with a fair amount of regulars the food is very popular with new and old customers who also purchase...
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MB hotel bang dung issan Thailand  Posted on 04/26/2010
Short stay MB hotel bang dung issan Thailand as i missed the opening party last year i dropped buy last week to take a look a at the place its a very spacious feel to the whole hotel built on 2 levels the rooms are very large but...
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Village life issan Thailand  Posted on 04/16/2010
Life in a Village issan Thailand when you bring the family back from Europe it’s a pace of life that drops you from overdrive to a near slow our stop pace of life those that go on holiday for 2 weeks to chill out forget the...
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songkran ban dung issan Thailand  Posted on 04/14/2010
Party time songkran ban dung issan Thailand well i made it to ban dung for songkran this year and without a doubt so far as been one of the best in 10 years of coming top issan its been fun chilled out up lifting and with a decent bunch...
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ban dung issan Thailand my favourite videos  Posted on 01/01/2010
Hello everybody ive put together a few videos of ban dung in north east Thailand that show places and people iam sure a few of you have come across in your travels in and around udon thani issan and ban dungenjoy the videos and if you spot...
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typical expat day in ban dung issan thailand part 2  Posted on 08/17/2009
Ban dung in issan is not exactly the most exciting place in the world but with a little imagination you can find lots of things to fill up your day OK here we are part 2 we made it to lunch in part one but failed dismally at trying to...
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typical expat day in ban dung issan thailand part 1  Posted on 07/05/2009
My expat day out in ban dung issan Thailand well i guess depending on what you did the night before this could be a typical day in ban dung issan ok you wake up is to the tweet of birds our the sounds of some dodgy mowlem song well anyway...
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Changes to Ban Dung issan thailand  Posted on 06/16/2009
Ban dung changes buy roger goodchildDuring my 2009 visit to Thailand I went back to Ban Dung to meet up with some of the friends that I made on previous visits, when I visited my son Dean and girlfriend Lang at their Bar just a few...
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missing ban dung issan thailand  Posted on 05/23/2009
Expat dreams and gripesyes its comes to all of us after spending a few weeks our for those more lucky a couple of month's the trip to Thailand to see friends and family is never just long enough it makes you start to wonder why we do...
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ban dung dangerous  Posted on 03/03/2009
It comes as no surprise that even in ban dung issan Thailand you can place yourself in harms way throw no fault of your own yesterday i met a gentleman from ban chiang area the world heritage site who while sleeping was awaken buy...
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  • expatudon08
    expatudon08 06 July 2009 20:19:27

    ban dung is in issan Thailand north east of Thailand a quiet corner of The world expat live a very affordable lifestyle and issan in general is a great place for those on a budget to kick back and enjoy life even in are current times expats and tourists will find udon thani province and the ban dung area a great place to retire to

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