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Lost in Translation, Life in Bangkok

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Erasable Ink - New in Thailand  Posted on 03/19/2014
Amazing to ThaisAmong the giggling girls they were yakking about something new, something exciting. A pen with erasable ink. How so very fascinating this invention of mankind it almost seem magical to them. What the??? 30 years ago...
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Suvarnabhumi Domestic Departures - No More Smoking Room  Posted on 03/16/2014
Smoking room at Gate D1News for smokers out there who can't live without a smoke for more than an hour, you will have withdrawal symptoms if you checked in too early on a domestic departure. They have closed down all the smoking rooms...
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Sex of the Elephant Kingdom  Posted on 03/14/2014
Wahhhh... soooo long.... . It's incredible what they report on Thai news channel sometimes. Here on nation news, they show the long dong of an elephant penetrating the female beast. If you happen to have a young daughter who just...
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Suan Muang Porn at Lamtakong  Posted on 03/12/2014
Dining HighA great pit stop on the way to the North East, for the purpose of work I was traveling. If you are in the vicinity of Saraburi, Pak Chong or Khao Yai, this mountain top restaurant is located further North East on Mittraphap Road...
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Sleeping in your Grave  Posted on 03/04/2014
Sometimes, I just don't get what Thai Designers have on their mind. If you buy this for your mother to sleep in, I'm pretty sure she will disown you.
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Eating by Bangkok Shores  Posted on 03/01/2014
Dining over WaterYes, there is a shore somewhere in Bangkok. But if you swim there, you be engulfed in mud and weeds. Mudskippers will swim into your shorts and suckle you where no fish had ever suckled. Don't expect white sandy beach...
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Purr Cat Cafe Club, Bangkok  Posted on 02/25/2014
Meow.....There are already countless blogs out there that highlighted this interesting adaptation which originated from Japan (Bangkok Girl, Live Less Ordinary). The Cat Cafe where you are surrounded in cats as you sip tea and devour their...
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Thai Credit Cards and Foreigners  Posted on 02/21/2014
Free Free!!!!It's next to impossible to get a credit card here unless you are one of those lucky expats earning big bucks. Currently from my knowledge, Siam Commercial Bank approves only when your pays scale is above 100k per month....
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Dim Sum and the Hatyai Folks  Posted on 02/18/2014
Pick your OwnIt was on one of my work stints that I discovered the habits of local Hatyai folks down south. They love to eat Dim Sum in the morning for breakfast. Traditionally, Dim Sums are of only bite size proportions, meant to be...
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  • lmike k
    lmike k 29 May 2013 16:03:02

    Anyonne notice the proliferation of used car lots lately? As IT drive around,, I notice there is a used car lot about every kilometer, packed with mostly late model used cars and trucks. I think the governments program of subsedizing the purchase of new car and trucks has gotten many Thais into vehicles they can't afford. Simular to what happened in the U.S. with housing. This is creating a bubble that has to rectify it's self sometime soon. When the bubble brakes, I am getting a nearly new used car for cheap. Hope it is soon, as my current vehicle is eight years old.

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