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Lost in Translation, Life in Bangkok

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Khao Kho in September, Thailand  Posted on 10/05/2015
This sums up my recent trip to Khao Kho. Although the rain is over, the fog not as abundance, but still bliss as usual. Khao Kho, in the middle of Thailand, where clouds are born.
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Stupidity in Thailand’s Post Office  Posted on 09/15/2015
Collection CounterThailand Post, other than a place to pay fines conveniently, it’s a place to send and collect parcels of course. When someone sends a registered letter to your address, or a parcel, if you are not home, there will...
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Bangkok Erawan Bomb, The Days After  Posted on 08/19/2015
Life Goes OnLife goes on, back to the norm in a very short time. They washed up, they cleaned up. The shrine is up and running, it was as if it never happened. People are back to their own business, working, stuck in jams, eating out. Just...
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Khao Kho, Pino Latte Resort & Café, Heavenly  Posted on 08/15/2015
AstonishingTook my breath away, it did the first time and every time I returned to this venue. Long before she opened her doors, I stumbled onto the half completed structure of this café and resort. The onslaught of wind threatened...
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Koh Chang, Mercure Koh Chang Hideaway  Posted on 08/13/2015
Big PoolTo me, Mercure chain of hotels had always been associated with business. The stay had always been in a corporately decked out room with my laptop placed on the table punching out reports after work, my reflection in the mirror...
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Koh Chang, The Journey  Posted on 08/11/2015
Koh Chang Ferry ServiceA long weekend for Bangkokians means, must spend money. It was a holiday on Monday meaning it was a short 3 days breather. I expected fewer crowds, good traffic, but so wrong I was. Pleasantly, the trip to Koh Chang...
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Koh Chang, Somewhere in the Middle of it All  Posted on 08/09/2015
Ice Cold Beer with Sunset on Koh ChangIt sizzled, the perspiration that fell onto stone floor of Mercure Koh Chang Hideaway as I dragged my luggage towards the reception. The blazing noon sun scorched the island south east near the...
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Foreigners and Landed Property in Thailand  Posted on 06/25/2015
Primitive DepartmentThere are just no friggin benefits on many terms when we foreigners purchase a house in Thailand. It’s just friggin unfair that we are spending our money in here genuinely for a living and yet having no whatsoever...
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Thai Airport Toilet  Posted on 05/17/2015
Thai Airport ToiletIf you stayed long enough in Thailand, you will learn that culturally, Thais wash backside in toilet after doing their business. There will always most certainly be that water hose located next to the toilet bowl. This...
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Getting a Car Loan for Foreigners in Bangkok  Posted on 04/28/2015
Fortunately we can, the bank approves our loan. And they seemed to be lenient now compared to a couple of years back. First time I applied for a loan, I had to fork out maximum down payment of 25% just because I am not Thai. This time...
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  • lmike k
    lmike k 29 May 2013 16:03:02

    Anyonne notice the proliferation of used car lots lately? As IT drive around,, I notice there is a used car lot about every kilometer, packed with mostly late model used cars and trucks. I think the governments program of subsedizing the purchase of new car and trucks has gotten many Thais into vehicles they can\'t afford. Simular to what happened in the U.S. with housing. This is creating a bubble that has to rectify it\'s self sometime soon. When the bubble brakes, I am getting a nearly new used car for cheap. Hope it is soon, as my current vehicle is eight years old.

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