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Our new home in Hualien, Taiwan

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added on 11/10/2009 by: Retired in Hualien
After living in Canada for 37 years, I decided to relocate to a hidden paradise called Hualien. My wife is Taiwanese, so it is going home for her but a new culture for me and our daughter who was born in Canada. This blog is intended to document our experiences in our new chosen home. Please come back often to see more updates, and throw in a comment or two....
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Sleepless in Seattle!  Posted on 01/27/2015
Seahawks fans will have a few sleepless nights until the big game this Sunday, as Seattle will try a back to back Super bowl win over the cheating Pats. But what a game it was last week!Down 16 points at the half, they mounted one of the...
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Mid winter in Taiwan  Posted on 01/27/2015
Another day in paradise! Here we are in the middle of a winter, and we are basking in summer like weather. Hualien is blessed with warm and sunny winters, which is a special treat for a snowbird like me. I don't know if I can ever...
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Love is in the air......  Posted on 12/15/2014
Allen's second son Mark, got married two weeks ago in Taipei and along with many good friends from Canada, we attended the beautiful wedding at le Meridien. Mark was just ten years old when we first met him, and now one of the most...
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Summer of 2014  Posted on 10/23/2014
Again, this summer I went home to Victoria to see mom and family, and friends. Frankie has summer school in Hualien and therefore, stayed behind with Rebecca. Mom is now 85 but with medications, she is actually holding up quite well. She...
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Moving up!  Posted on 05/06/2014
Whoa, its been a while since I updated this blog! Much has happened, moving to a new condo is top of the list. The townhouse was nice, but up and down the stairs all day was not fun, and despite having a total area of 2800 sq ft, the real...
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The new Fisherman's Wharf  Posted on 02/19/2014
Is finally open for business after sitting empty for nearly six years!It is now a beautiful landmark with restaurants and shops downstairs, and B&Bs upstairs.It has a gorgeous view of the Pacific and the quaint harbour, and it is only...
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Moving on.....  Posted on 02/19/2014
After living in our new townhouse for three years, we are moving into a condo for various reasons.#1 - one floor living is superior to living on 4 floors, hiking up & downstairs all day is a real pain in the ass.#2 - the awesome view...
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Season's greetings!  Posted on 01/14/2014
I'm a tad late for season's greetings. Since coming to the possession of an iPhone, I've been posting mainly on weChat, and neglecting my blog here.Well, Santa came to Hualien this year.......We had Xmas dinner at a new...
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Dine like a prince, pay like a pauper!  Posted on 12/21/2013
One of the best western style restaurants in Hualien is the Prince restaurant & bakery. It is located next to a creek in downtown. Three of us had Caesar salad, a large pizza, a pasta, and French fries, and the bill was $20Cdn. A...
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Happy anniversary!  Posted on 11/11/2013
This week we are celebrating Hualien Toastmasters club's 10th anniversary. As president, I am so proud of our members for their warm friendship and dedictaion to the club. What a group of fine folks. The major achievement during my...
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  • Retired in Hualien
    Retired in Hualien 25 July 2014 18:07:16

    try this: http://rent.591.com.tw/house-rentSale-23.html
    also this: http://www.yes319.com/038rent/
    Both are in Chinese, sorry.


  • Canadiandownunder
    Canadiandownunder 25 July 2014 13:13:08

    Hello. I am a Canadian living in Australia. We are wanting to study chinese and a friend suggested hualien. Is their a site that has rental properties on it. We are 5 - kids are 6,4,1. Looking for prices. Hope you,are able to reply. Best regards.

  • john 12 March 2012 07:19:25

    dear Retired in Hualien...you best me to it. Am planning on retiring to Hualien, currently in Taipei. Probably in future will bump into you.

  • Retired in Hualien
    Retired in Hualien 15 June 2010 03:28:55

    I live in Hualien, not Tainan. But I imagine things should be similar. Chinese is a complex language, as long as you pick up some everyday useful phrases, you will get by. There are many English speaking Taiwanese, and also in every city, there is a large enough community of expats. Many foreigners come to Taiwan to teach English...Here in Hualien, a 4 bedroom home rents for about $600 to $800 US a month. Pools are a luxury and most homes do not have them. Tainan is much more affordable than Taipei, and weather is better also. Good luck.

  • veenasterling
    veenasterling 11 June 2010 23:27:10

    So my husband has been offered an expat to Tainan. We live in Silicon Valley, south of San Francisco. He has been to Tainan several times, I never. Do they have homes in Tainan, or is it all apartments like Taipei? I speak English, German, French, Spanish, but NO CHINESE. Will that be a huge problem? How quickly can one learn the language? How much should I expect to pay for a 3-4 bedroom apartment with a pool in Tainan? Do they have libraries with English books? Do you mind answering all these stupid questions I seem to have?


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