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An American Abroad

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added on 04/04/2014 by: USA_Abroad
I'm Laura, an American expat who has just begun a new adventure in South Korea. After a few years living in New Zealand and Australia, I thought it was time to head somewhere completely new! This blog is a collection of my stories not only of my travels and expedriences, but of my life as I try to figure out how to live a happy and fulfilling life.
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How Not to Hike Inwangsan  Posted on 10/22/2014
According to the Visit Korea website, there are 37 mountains in the Seoul Metropolitan area. Since Autumn began we have been doing our best to tackle some of the big boys – Bukaksan, Dobongsan and most recently, Inwangsan. The thing...
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4 Soups Keeping Me Warm this Autumn  Posted on 10/20/2014
Autumn has definitely arrived. Whatever sort of Indian summer we were having through September has ended and I have fully committed to jeans and sweaters. I forgot how much I like fall. It’s a season that is basically skipped over in...
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What I’ve Been Reading  Posted on 10/15/2014
At the start of this year I set myself a goal of trying to read 50 books in 2014. Last year I read 40 and it made me realize how many books there are out there that I want to read. I started off strong. I read something like 18 books...
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Six Lessons From Six Months in Korea  Posted on 10/13/2014
Six months in Korea isn’t that long, although sometimes it feels I have been here an eternity. I am still discovering new things every single day. I’m still learning the names of different foods, I’m still learning about...
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What We Ate: Gyeongju  Posted on 10/10/2014
I think I have finally digested all the food we ate in Gyeongju, although we’re still eating some of the sweet treats we brought home with us. We gorged, but it was all so light, so seemingly healthy. There were plates and plates of...
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Where We Stayed: Gyeongju  Posted on 10/08/2014
I absolutely love leaving things until the last minute. Especially when it comes to travel plans. I always think about booking things ahead of time, but never really get around to doing it. So when Luke and I decided we wanted to go to...
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Getting to Know Gyeongju  Posted on 10/06/2014
Long weekends are a total gift from the skies above. We have been so lucky over the last few months and have managed to have quite a lot of them. This past weekend we had Friday off, so Luke and I really wanted to get out of Pyeongtaek and...
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Looking Back: The Travel Fashion Edition  Posted on 10/01/2014
I was browsing through photos the other day, looking back over trips from New Zealand and Australia. It wasn’t pretty. “What am I wearing?” I kept saying to Luke every time a picture of me came up. I am a serious advocate...
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An Island Art Space  Posted on 09/29/2014
Seonyudo is a small island in the middle of the Han River in Seoul. I had read a little bit about it before venturing to it this past Sunday, but I wanted to keep most of it a surprise. Back during the days of the Joseon Dynasty, the...
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Finding What Makes Me Happy  Posted on 09/26/2014
Imagine being in an after school program when you were a kid and all the person at the front of the room was saying was “La, La, La, Blah, Blah, Blah”. That’s what my students hear when I speak to them every day. At the...
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