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An American Abroad

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added on 04/04/2014 by: USA_Abroad
I'm Laura, an American expat who has just begun a new adventure in South Korea. After a few years living in New Zealand and Australia, I thought it was time to head somewhere completely new! This blog is a collection of my stories not only of my travels and expedriences, but of my life as I try to figure out how to live a happy and fulfilling life.
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Being Grateful  Posted on 11/26/2014
I can’t believe tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I can’t believe I’ve become one of those people who says things like “I can’t believe it’s almost December, where has the time gone?”. But seriously, where...
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Saying Goodbye in a Singing Room  Posted on 11/24/2014
It was dark and cold as we made our way down the main street of our quiet town, Jinsa-ri. We were in search of a singing room or 노래방 (noraebang). We didn’t have a particular one in mind; instead we headed for the first one we...
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On Life and Writing  Posted on 11/17/2014
When Luke and I first arrived here in Korea seven short months ago, we made a promise to ourselves that at the six month marker we would start thinking about what was next. When October 10th came around I reminded Luke of our promise....
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Making a Short Term Place Feel Like Home  Posted on 11/13/2014
Since leaving home in 2010 I have lived in more houses and apartments than I can count. There were a few share houses in Christchurch, a chalet in Nelson, the unfinished split level in Melbourne, the new high rise in Sydney and the cozy...
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Doors of Korea  Posted on 11/11/2014
Korean modern architecture is horrible. It’s grey, it’s all concrete and it’s boring. All apartment complexes built in the last ten years look exactly the same. I don’t know whose in charge of designing them, but...
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Far From Home  Posted on 11/03/2014
Last night I was Skyping with my niece and nephew and I could feel myself getting emotional. My nephew is three years old, he’ll be four in December. He was sitting on my dad’s lap reading his favorite book, Bang, Boom, Roar...
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Hiking in Surisan  Posted on 10/29/2014
We sat around on the Ondol warmed floor at our friend’s apartment on Saturday night talking about what we were all getting up to the following day. “We really want to go hiking, but aren’t sure exactly where to go”...
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3 Things I Love About Korean Culture  Posted on 10/27/2014
I have a love hate relationship with this country. There are so many things about this culture that I still don’t understand (why are we always pushing each other all the time?) and some I don’t particularly like or want...
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  • diverdown2k
    diverdown2k 03 November 2014 11:58:39

    I am an American living and working in Korea. Drop me a line.

  • jenal
    jenal 07 April 2014 11:53:09

    I like it.

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