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The PHANTASMAGORICAL colours of Autumn!  Posted on 09/24/2012
A traditional Mongolian proverb says:  "When Naadam ends, autumn begins." Well, we've just had our own mini Naadam celebrating the one year anniversary of our horse riding club so I guess this proverb rings true! Not...
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Two Day Horse Trek: Day 2  Posted on 09/16/2012
Continued... OK!One of the hundreds of Buddhist tablets I mentioned in the previous post... We visited before setting off over the mountain.. It wasn't the most comfortable night as we fought to "hold our ground" on a...
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Two Day Horse Trek: Day 1  Posted on 09/01/2012
I have just spent two unforgettable, exciting days exploring the Mongolian countryside. Venturing far off the beaten track, we climbed up through high wooded mountain passes, down through river valleys and traversed fast flowing waters...
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The boys are back in town!  Posted on 03/09/2012
"Guess who just got back today?Them wild-eyed boys that had been away..." Can't believe it's been a year since I was first introduced to the Kazakh eagle hunters.  I've since had the privilege of visiting...
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Let's talk about the weather...  Posted on 02/11/2012
Lowest temperature captured on my iphone Jan 27th According to the locals, this winter has been exceptionally cold. No kidding!  As it is only the second winter I have endured in Mongolia, it is difficult to gauge if it was any colder...
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SEASON'S GREETINGS!  Posted on 12/21/2011
Technically, Christmas is not celebrated in Mongolia.  Two separate festivities have been compounded into one holiday -The New Year.  All the same, all over Ulaanbaatar, streets and shops are bedecked with all manner of Christmas...
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Road trip to ERDENET  Posted on 12/20/2011
49° 1′ 40″ N, 104° 2′ 40″ E The road to Erdenet... This is about as good as the roads get in winter-a mostly single lane of treacherous, lumpy, bumpy bitumen. Erdenet,...
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Horse riding-an extreme sport!  Posted on 12/04/2011
"Saddle Row" Although it's somewhere below -20 degrees , the sky is a dazzling blue, the sun shines brightly and you might be forgiven for thinking it's a wonderful day!  Well, it  definitely was...
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The Wizard Of OZ  Posted on 11/29/2011
Oyu Tolgoi takes the children of Ulaanbaatar to the circus... Happy faces of the VIP guests Last Sunday we attended the circus production of  The Wizard of OZ for the Annual Children's party hosted by a branch of Sim's...
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International Alpine Equestrian Club of Outer Mongolia  Posted on 11/23/2011
Temperature: -24C Dedicated members brave extreme conditions. You might think it's the height of madness even thinking of venturing outside in minus 24 degree weather but myself and a few other like-minded friends were not the least...
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