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good byes  Posted on 06/23/2009
I had a dinner out with some of the other mom's from Luke's class a week or so ago - such fun.  Lovely gifts from Peter Hoe's and I saw that our usual restaurant sells live frogs - we did not have any, but he table of...
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socks that don't so much rock  Posted on 06/22/2009
Again, gift sock yarn.  Patons I think.  Sort of itchy wool.  I was going to make them for my husband, but it turned out the gauge was wonky so they only fit my legs.  whoops
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socks that rock  Posted on 06/21/2009
So the yarn is actually from a FS swap from a couple of years ago, I think it is from a Baltic state.  It was nice and creamy to work with.  I think I am over cables for a while...
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small details  Posted on 06/18/2009
The kids in Luke's class being silly during the class party - note - Luke's hand.  
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knitting  Posted on 06/17/2009
Maybe if his career in 1st grade does not work out, he can be a boy model...the sweater actually fits over his head.  EZ, seamless yoke sweater.  The yoke might be a little shallow, but it fits and he likes it.
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the shanty town I live on top of  Posted on 05/08/2009
First part of the town.  These guys are not as well organized as the others - no tv's as far as we can tell, no roof top cell phone perches. These guys are right below us.  Most of the shipping containers have been fitted to...
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knitting and toilets  Posted on 05/06/2009
Kid socks made of leftovers from my 2nd pair of socks ever. Socks for me made from Lorna's Lace 3x2 ribbing - a gift from my knitting friend, Grace. Knitting projects left to do - clockwise - the never ending afghan made from Chinese...
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53 more days  Posted on 05/04/2009
I need to put away the sewing machine.  Really, I do.  Except there are a few more projects I want to finish up.. A quick skirt made of Chinese fabric from Wool Spinning City - I think it might be heavy weight shirt fabric. A...
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67 days and counting  Posted on 04/21/2009
We are in the final countdown.  I am ready to go.  I already have friends at our new post.  I can continue with all my hobbies there.  The kids will ALL go to school there.  I can't wait to get there.What have...
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A quick trip and a lot of pink  Posted on 04/09/2009
We recently had spring break holiday here in KL.  The oldest and I set out for a quick trip to Hong Kong.  He got to see his old friend from Beijing, I got to see my old friend from Beijing and we already knew where everything...
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  • Sharmaine
    Sharmaine 25 May 2011 17:47:57

    You can contact Mr Ting 019-8587657 if you're looking for thick wood. His shop located on 2nd Floor of The Well KL.

  • Imran 12 May 2009 17:11:48

    Hi, I lived in KL for a couple of years a decade ago. Where do you live? I was wondering if you can tell me the names of a few furniture boutiques in Bangsar. There used to be a row of high end furniture stores with Thai, Burma, Malaysian teak wood antique furniture in Bangsar and Ampang. I bought a lot of stuff from a store called Rain Forest (I think) and another one called Silk Route (they used to be in Ampang but may have moved to Bangsar Baru). Do you know any of these stores? I wanted to order some stuff from them, but can't find their contact details online.


  • Sara Smith 25 September 2008 03:00:46

    Hi..I really like your blog. Our Family will be moving to KL in January. I was wondering if you could give me any tips? Cost of living? Best place to food shop. Honest opinions of ISKL. Thanks,Sara

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