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added on 09/01/2009 by: Locohama
I started this blog to rant and rave about my life in Japan but it has unexpectedly turned into something else. Itís become an opportunity to explore my thoughts and feelings about life as an ex-pat in in the land of all that is cute and small. Iím a native New Yorker (Brooklynite) and a writer. I have been living here for nearly 5 years and finally I feel like talking about it. And I have a lot to say, so some of the posts may be a little lengthy. I know weíre all supposed to have short-attention spans these days but I donít and I donít do brevity well. However, I do my very best to keep my posts concise and thorough, real and interesting. Which is more important than brief, donít you think? This is not your typical journal about the foreignerís experience here. Iíve read most of them and theyíre mostly pretty happy-go-lucky written by people who are having the most wonderful experiences of their lives. I am not one of them. Maybe if I came from the countryside or something, but Iím a New Yorker. I guess growing up in NY has spoiled me. Got some of that snobbery of being a product of the Ďgreatest city on Earth,í and what-not. But, God help me, I do love Japan.
 tags: cultural exchanges, eating, writing, xenophobia

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Two things happened 7 years ago. The first: I moved to Yokohama. Yep, to my first apartment, a lovely duplex in Kikuna on the top of a hill with a fabulous view of Mt. Fuji from my desk… If it weren’t the...
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Typically, when I put together a lesson for my students, I begin it with a listening exercise, followed by a matching exercise and then finish it up with an opportunity for them to practice the English I’ve just taught them. Of...
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My latest column for the Japan Times is up on their website and the paper version will be available tomorrow morning at a newsstand near you (if you’re in Japan, that is). Here’s a little taste of what’s in...
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This was excerpted from a conversation I was having on Facebook, and thought it was interesting. It evolved from the following post: Just now, in English… Coworker: I’m sorry but you have to start teaching the handicapped kids...
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Don’t Look at me…I just work here!  Posted on 08/29/2014
One of the bad boys in my school just walked into the teacher’s office (crossing the threshold is a no-no) wearing a baseball cap (a no-no) backwards (a no-no on steroids) with his gym shorts hanging off his butt (another no-no)...
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One day I came pretty close to being on that long ass list of unarmed black men dead at the hands of America’s finest. ***** I was a college student at the time, working part time at a major department store in...
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The Price of a Little Peace of Mind  Posted on 08/20/2014
Check out my latest column for The Japan Times! Here’s an excerpt: Sometimes it’s hard to believe the American that emerged, naked and naive, from Narita International Airport back in 2004 and the person writing this...
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  • Locohama
    Locohama 14 January 2009 00:14:05


    thanks you so much for your kind words (-: I hope I can keep you interested and thanks for taking the time to let me know what you think.
    Yeah, isn't Japan something (-;


  • SummerSeay 13 January 2009 03:51:11

    I have really enjoyed your blog. I think you write really well. I plan on putting your blog on my favorites list. I'm living in Tokyo with my husband who works here. I love Japan, especially Tokyo. I really enjoyed reading about your experiences. They are very different than mine since we are generations and a gender apart. Thanks for the diversion. I will be looking forward to reading more.

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