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Wicket Games  Posted on 07/02/2014
Lately our schedule involves a lot of going to parks before lunch.  In doing so we often run into seniors playing what I always thought was croquet.   However, research prior to writing this indicates that it may be a Japanese...
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Rainy Season  Posted on 06/27/2014
It's the rainy season here which can make for some boring days inside.  But if you can manage to get outside during a break in the rain, you can see some beautiful Japanese countryside.  The rain has cleared the air so you...
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Photo Shoot  Posted on 06/23/2014
A few weeks ago I took Cora to a local chain photo studio called Studio Alice.  Studio Alice is a popular chain with many, many locations all over Japan (the website is all in Japanese).   It was fairly similar to a kid/family...
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7-5-3  Posted on 06/22/2014
You might be thinking "What kind of post title is that?  Did she forget to proofread?"  No, I did not. ;)   It refers to a Japanese tradition called "Shichi-Go-San" which is the subject of...
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Sunny Money  Posted on 05/27/2014
A few posts back I wrote about how Ota City had only one claim to fame--being where the Subaru car company was founded.  I have to make a correction now because that isn't entirely true.  If you run Google searches for Ota...
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Rebuilding Edo Castle Tower  Posted on 05/23/2014
During Golden Week we spent a weekend in Tokyo visiting the Imperial Gardens.  We went to the Gardens once before, a long time ago, but we just kinda walked in, looked at the palace from a distance, and walked out again.  This...
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Tomb Raider Part 2: Return of the King  Posted on 05/19/2014
Last month, during the height of cherry blossom season, I went with some friends to a new (for us) park over in Ashikaga (in fact, it is called Ashikaga Park).  There wasn't much to this park but it happens to be built on and...
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Claim to Fame  Posted on 04/02/2014
So most of you probably know that we live in a little town called Ota.  To be honest, there isn't a lot going on here but Ota does have one claim to fame.  It's where the Subaru car company was born....
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Lean In, Licca-chan  Posted on 03/28/2014
I spend my fair share of time in Babies/Toys R' Us these days.  It was there that I ran across Licca-chan, aka Japanese Barbie. (Because of the way "L" is pronounced here her name can sometimes sound like...
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So Ugly It's...Cute?  Posted on 03/24/2014
Many months ago I was walking through the kiddie arcade at the mall and happened to glance over at a small toy dispenser.  I did a double take at what was inside.  It was this guy: yikes Now, honestly, what does that look like to...
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