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Claim to Fame  Posted on 04/02/2014
So most of you probably know that we live in a little town called Ota.  To be honest, there isn't a lot going on here but Ota does have one claim to fame.  It's where the Subaru car company was born....
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Lean In, Licca-chan  Posted on 03/28/2014
I spend my fair share of time in Babies/Toys R' Us these days.  It was there that I ran across Licca-chan, aka Japanese Barbie. (Because of the way "L" is pronounced here her name can sometimes sound like...
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So Ugly It's...Cute?  Posted on 03/24/2014
Many months ago I was walking through the kiddie arcade at the mall and happened to glance over at a small toy dispenser.  I did a double take at what was inside.  It was this guy: yikes Now, honestly, what does that look like to...
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Life-Altering  Posted on 03/21/2014
I recently found myself in need of having some clothing alterations done.  Namely, I needed a bunch of jeans and pants hemmed.  This might not sound like a big deal to you, but when you're as short as I am it's...
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America...Be My Valentine  Posted on 02/13/2014
(Soon I'll return with more positive posts that are actually about Japan, I promise! I was just inspired by the date! :)) O America, you frontier of wide-open spaces, of plentiful forests, wide roads and gratuitous wildflower medians....
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A Well-Defended Park  Posted on 12/02/2013
Another geocaching story!  (Again, if you don't know what I'm talking about go here before you continue.) Don't worry, this one involves no blood-shed and disaster.  Several weeks ago I decided to look for a cache...
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Our Moldy Summer  Posted on 11/29/2013
Late summer got a little interesting for us because we had to have most of our upstairs re-wallpapered within a three-week window.  Why?  Well, I believe I've been clear about our issues with heating and cooling our house....
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Geocache 'Til You Drop  Posted on 11/24/2013
This past weekend we all went to Tokyo to get flu shots.  We spent a night in a hotel so we would have time to eat some good food and do some sight-seeing.  While we were there we did some geocaching.  If you don't know...
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Meiji Jingu Shrine  Posted on 11/22/2013
A month or so ago (when we had a visitor from home) we took a trip into Tokyo and explored the area around Yoyogi Park more thoroughly.  We went there once before but we didn't actually go see the main feature of Yoyogi Park...
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Poppin' Tags  Posted on 11/18/2013
So here's a post about what a thrift shop is like in Japan.  Before you get all excited let me tell ya that it's pretty much like one in America. The only one I know about in these parts is a chain called Off House. Off...
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