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sexual harrasement on the trains - groping  Posted on 07/08/2010
Commuters had another win last night as a poor example of a human being was escorted off the train (Chuo Line) for allegedly groping as young female passenger. If true this fettish is something seemingly rife in Japan. Why these guys just...
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back for a short while  Posted on 07/28/2008
I am back in Tokyo with my other posting now complete. Not sure how long I'll be here this time. Back on the Chuo Line this morning. Nothing has changed... another suicide that delayed us again today. Sorry but there won't be...
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condensation  Posted on 02/07/2008
Having arrived back in Tokyo, I am now back commuting again with all the other monkeys. The Chuo Line is as busy as ever and the cold weather in Tokyo is steaming things up inside the trains. So much so that there is condensation running...
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one benefit of snow in Tokyo  Posted on 01/23/2008
It is snowing in Tokyo today. The snow flakes are quite heavy I could hear the big ones landing on my umbrella. When I got off the Chuo Line in Tokyo, everyone unfurled their umbrellas. This meant that those men (women don't seem to...
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morning masacre  Posted on 01/22/2008
This morning as I was going out of the station in downtown Tokyo I was witness to a crow attacking a pigeon. Please try to imaging one of those big black crows so prevalent in Tokyo standing on a hapless ordinary pigeon. It was literally...
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gawking and sleeping on trains  Posted on 01/18/2008
Being a westerner in Japan, I get my fair share of stares as I am well above the average height for the locals. However, I think it is the size of my nose and my fair hair that really gets the locals startled. Anyway, I try to give as good...
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headphones  Posted on 01/18/2008
Japan is one of those cultures where being part of the group is very important in getting along. In this way, the Ipod revolution has well and truly taken hold here. I would guess that 70% of commuters on the Chuo Line use some kind of...
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delays, delays, delays  Posted on 01/18/2008
These days the Chuo Line has been plagued with delays. There was the instance the other day where a woman claimed that a "well dressed man" was trying to film up her skirt form a camera concealed in a bag he was carrying. Media...
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what are the chances?  Posted on 01/16/2008
Yesterday I happened to meet a friend of mine on the Chuo Line. We happened to get on the same carriage. The odds of this happening must be astronomical. We were both out for work going to completely different places. There are literally...
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