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New Yorker in Japan

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added on 26/01/2011 by: kenny212
Cultural learnings,” observations, random thoughts, raves and rants about international exchange, life in Japan and New York as well as an occasional joke here and there from a Japanese American Nikkei New Yorker living in Japan.
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Great New York style bagels in Yokohama (Tokyo)  Posted on 07/24/2013
I've been here for over 8 years now and a decent New York style bagel has been hard to come by. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of "bagels" being sold here in Japan, but all are pale comparisons to bagels you would...
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More Hub pubs in Yokohama  Posted on 04/19/2009
After years of steering clear of the Yokohama Station area, a spacious Hub Pub recently opened up with an outdoor seating patio just minutes from the Yokohama station. Another Hub is planned to open next month a little more into the heart...
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The Hub in Yokohama  Posted on 10/22/2008
The Hub (the English Pub) will finally open a branch in Yokohama of Kanagawa.This popular chain bar/pub has many locations throughout major cities in Japan, but has long been missing from the Yokohama nightlife scene. However, this Hub...
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Otaku heaven outside Akihabara  Posted on 08/25/2008
To me, otaku mecca in Japan is not in Akihabara but in the Nakano Broadway mall.Nakano is a station that is just a few minutes from Shinjuku station, and seems to be the heart and soul of all anime and manga otaku goods. Within the mall...
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A pretty good joke.  Posted on 05/11/2008
I appreciate a good joke every now and then. Haven't heard a good one in ages, but this one got a good laugh out of me.Enjoy.Three couples—one elderly; one middle-aged; and one young, newly wed—apply for membership in a...
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No Nova  Posted on 10/31/2007
The popular "English conversation" school in Japan known as NOVA recently filed for bankruptcy.The company for months had been under attack for taking payment from students but not actually making an effort to meet the students...
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