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Jokhang Temple - Lhasa, Tibet  Posted on 12/12/2014
Located in the middle of download Lhasa, the Jokhang Temple has played a major role for Buddhist pilgrimage. The four story temple is circled clockwise on foot by Buddhist worshippers. Prostrator bow and flatten themselves on the floor...
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Potala Palace - Lhasa, Tibet  Posted on 12/11/2014
It's said the Potala Palace was the only building displayed in Frank Lloyd Wright's studio which wasn't of his design. Seeing it for myself I can see why. The structure was built on a mountain, rising more than 1,000 ft. The...
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Faces and Traces - Grand Gateway - Shanghai  Posted on 11/10/2014
A selection of two-dimensional work was put on display at the Grand Gateway mall in Shanghai as a satellite exhibition included in the Face & Traces event. A massive facade of the the Swatch Art Peace Hotel encased the exhibition of...
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Yu Yuan Gardens (璞洯, Yù Yuán) - Shanghai  Posted on 10/26/2014
I flew back into Shanghai a Thursday afternoon. Walking out of the metro station I was surprised to find the weather had turned quite cool in my absence. Fall is the best season to be a tourist. My first fall morning in Shanghai was spent...
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Cat Eyes Cat Cafe (Cat Eyes 鐚挭鍜栧暋搴)  Posted on 10/02/2014
浠婂ぉ鎴戝幓浜嗛潤瀹夊尯鐨勭尗鍜挅鍟″簵銆傛垜涔颁簡鍐板挅鍟″拰鐚湅鍙嬩滑杩涜浜嗕氦璋堛侷 went to a Cat Café in the Jing'an district of Shanghai. I bought an iced-coffee and spent the day taking to...
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Swatch Art Peace Hotel Residency  Posted on 10/01/2014
鎴戝幓浜嗗湪鏂矁鐞拰骞抽キ搴楄壓鏈腑蹇冨叓鏈堜簩鍙枫備簲涓湀鎴戠敾鍦ㄤ笂娴峰崱閫氫汉鐗┿傛垜鍦ㄩ偅鍎夸綇浜嗕簩涓湀銆侷 came to the Swatch Art Peace Hotel on the second of August. For five months I will be animating in Shanghai....
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