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The Yellow Mountains (黄山, Huángshān)  Posted on 01/27/2015
Sophia was adamant. We had to leave four hours early. A cautious impulse which would inevitably save our entire trip. No had bothered to double check our departure train. The four of us loaded onto the shanghai metro car bound for the...
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Ferry from Shanghai to Osaka  Posted on 01/08/2015
This week I boarded a passenger ferry bound for a 48 hour journey across the East China Sea for the Osaka port of Japan. The voyage first followed the Huangpu river north, crossing Yangtse River before hitting open water. Before crossing...
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Jokhang Temple - Lhasa, Tibet  Posted on 12/12/2014
Located in the middle of download Lhasa, the Jokhang Temple has played a major role for Buddhist pilgrimage. The four story temple is circled clockwise on foot by Buddhist worshippers. Prostrator bow and flatten themselves on the floor...
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Potala Palace - Lhasa, Tibet  Posted on 12/11/2014
It's said the Potala Palace was the only building displayed in Frank Lloyd Wright's studio which wasn't of his design. Seeing it for myself I can see why. The structure was built on a mountain, rising more than 1,000 ft. The...
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Faces and Traces - Grand Gateway - Shanghai  Posted on 11/10/2014
A selection of two-dimensional work was put on display at the Grand Gateway mall in Shanghai as a satellite exhibition included in the Face & Traces event. A massive facade of the the Swatch Art Peace Hotel encased the exhibition of...
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Yu Yuan Gardens (豫园, Yù Yuán) - Shanghai  Posted on 10/26/2014
I flew back into Shanghai a Thursday afternoon. Walking out of the metro station I was surprised to find the weather had turned quite cool in my absence. Fall is the best season to be a tourist. My first fall morning in Shanghai was spent...
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Cat Eyes Cat Cafe (Cat Eyes 猫咪咖啡店)  Posted on 10/02/2014
今天我去了静安区的猫咪咖啡店。我买了冰咖啡和猫朋友们进行了交谈。I went to a Cat Café in the Jing'an district of Shanghai. I bought an iced-coffee and spent the day taking to...
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