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Life in the Land of the Rising Sun

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Shuffled Feels  Posted on 07/18/2013
As I walked home from work last week, I listened to my iPod on shuffle. An eclectic taste in music combined with a 60 gig listening device results in a musical cache almost too diverse and vast to navigate. When I find myself unable to...
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Ogawa Machi: Our Japanese Hometown  Posted on 05/07/2013
A hand drawn/painted map of our town-Ogawa Machi. Nearly three years have passed since my husband, Karl, and I moved to Japan. At this time three years ago, we knew that we would be moving to Japan, but we were still anxiously awaiting to...
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A Day in Macau  Posted on 04/30/2013
Just a one hour ferry ride from the ports of Hong Kong lies the Macau peninsula. Similar to Hong Kong, Macau boasts a rich, multi-cultural past. Hong Kong is heavily influenced by the British, Macau by the Portuguese. Unfortunately, in the...
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Hong Kong: A Little Night Viewing  Posted on 04/29/2013
After yet another delicious meal of dim sum for dinner and also making ferry reservations to go to Macau the following day, we took a walk along the Tsim Sha Tsui promenade for a little night viewing. The Hong Kong cityscape is truly...
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Hong Kong: The Tea Museum and Aviary  Posted on 04/26/2013
Since the hike took us less than half the time we had expected, we found ourselves with more than half the day free. We hauled out our little guide books and maps and quickly zeroed in on our next destination: Hong Kong Park and the Tea...
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Hong Kong: The Dragon’s Back  Posted on 04/25/2013
Almost from the very beginning of our trip, Karl and I fell in love with Hong Kong. We loved the unique feel of the city. The international feel, the amalgamation of cultures, the size of the city. We are used to Tokyo-home to...
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Hong Kong: Antiquing on Cat Street  Posted on 04/24/2013
Though not particularly set on purchasing anything, we were interested in walking around Cat Street. The shops varied tremendously from being very neat and tidy with legitimate looking antiques to literally a junk heap that you had to...
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Hong Kong: Man Mo Temple and Easter Sunday  Posted on 04/23/2013
We happened to be in Hong Kong during Holy Week. After joining a friend for Easter mass and brunch afterward, we hopped on the tram and took it back downtown.We spent the afternoon exploring more of Hong Kong Island. To start, we made our...
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Hong Kong: Kowloon Walled City Park  Posted on 04/18/2013
By the time we reached Kowloon Walled City Park, the sun was setting. We made the best of the dim lighting and walked around the park exploring every nook and cranny. Every single time we visited a park during our trip, we came upon at...
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Hong Kong: Nan Lian Garden  Posted on 04/17/2013
The Nan Lian Garden lies in front of the Chi Lin Nunnery in Kowloon. For some reason our little guide booklet did not mention the nunnery, so we had no idea it was there. It was a bonus-though not a full bonus. Although the garden is open...
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  • kaitochan
    kaitochan 05 July 2012 14:46:21

    Thank you for your kind words! I am currently using a Nikon d5000. I have two lenses-the standard 18-55 zoom and also a 50 mm prime.

  • rolotomasse
    rolotomasse 05 July 2012 12:23:24

    Hi. What kind of camera are you using. Your photos are awesome. Thanks,

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