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Living and Teaching in Japan

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added on 04/10/2012 by: PetePete
My blog is about living and teaching in Japan. It's funny. Some topics include: cultural differences, Japan is ridiculous, EngRish, situational anecdotes, I hate kanji, and much, much more.
 tags: English, humor, Japanese, sarcasm, society

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Masks  Posted on 06/28/2013
Upon arrival in Narita airport it seemed fifty percent of the people were wearing surgical masks. If the flight from Ney York hadn’t been so arduous I probably would have ran to the nearest departure gate and, like a scared child,...
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Bad Habits of Speech  Posted on 06/25/2013
The crazy person pills I take make me very susceptible to my surroundings. When speaking with people who speak in broken English I begin to mimic them. It’s like I never finished high school rather than received a B.A. in English.I...
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Teaching Kids vs. Teaching Adults  Posted on 06/20/2013
The thing about teaching kids is that they learn quickly and they grow to love you over time – the thing about teaching adults is they hardly make any progress and grow to resent you over time.Even the densest, most scatterbrained...
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Back in States - Kindergarten Story Time  Posted on 06/20/2013
I am back in the US now. So I can only write in the past tense now. I can only talk about things I did or that I used to do. For instance, after school lunch, I used to read books to the kids who finished eating early. The books, as you...
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Blog Hiatus  Posted on 01/29/2013
I've decided to put the blog on hold temporarily while I focus my energies elsewhere. Let it be known that I am still in Japan, and that I am still collecting anecdotes and interesting factoids for future use on this blog.Some...
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Back in Japan, Again  Posted on 01/16/2013
The twelve days I spent at home over the holidays did me wonders. There’s really no place like home – my warm, insulated parent’s house complete with a fireplace and my mother’s cooking. I got to New York to see my...
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Homeward Bound  Posted on 12/22/2012
A taxi ride to the bus terminal at Yonago Station: 15 minutes.A night bus to Hamamatsu-cho Bus Terminal in Tokyo: 10 hours.A brief subway ride to Tokyo Station: 8 minutes.A ride along the JR Line to Narita Airport: just over 1 hour.An All...
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A Small Giajin Victory  Posted on 12/15/2012
I am an outsider in Japan and normally I am treated as such. Everywhere I go strangers eye me suspiciously or titter at my otherness, sometimes treating me as an exciting novelty, sometimes as a leper. Normally, when dealing with staff in...
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Word of the Day #22  Posted on 12/10/2012
Perhaps it’s just me, or perhaps it’s the language barrier, but Japanese people seem far too willing to discuss the quality of their bowel movements. On countless occasions my adult students have given me much too much insight...
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Kindergarten Anecdote  Posted on 12/01/2012
I thought a few of my students were showing some imagination and initiative, but there is also a very real possibility they were yelling out “P-P-Penis” rather than “P-P-Peanuts” like I had thought at the time. Up...
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