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Is this really a good idea? - Osaka Edition

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Baseball; not as boring as you might think  Posted on 05/22/2012
Before arriving at Koshien stadium last Sunday I was sceptical to say the least about spending four hours watching baseball. Having only ever watched (American) baseball on TV before I, like many before me, had labelled the game tedious...
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The Maple Leaf Trail to Minoh Waterfall  Posted on 05/05/2012
As I begin to learn more about Osaka I'm starting to realise that there are plenty of relaxing places to visit surprisingly close to the hectic urban sprawl. Minoh waterfall in the north of the city provides an excellent example of...
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The brief visit of Sakura  Posted on 04/22/2012
Almost as quickly as it started, sakura season in Japan is over, and all that remain of Osaka’s beautiful cherry blossoms are the discarded petals that litter virtually every street of the city. The past two weeks have been my first...
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Escape to the country  Posted on 04/15/2012
For those who have spent any length of time in a big city, a need for escape will be a familiar story. Having spent a little over two months living in one of the biggest cities in the world I found one such escape a couple of weeks ago in...
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[Day 70] Learning Japanese?  Posted on 04/03/2012
Yep that’s right, after 70 days in Japan I’m taking my first meaningful step towards learning Japanese. OK, so buying the book is the easy bit but I am determined, I WILL LEARN SOME HIRAGANA! In fairness, I’ve picked up...
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FARPLANE 2012 - Just another night in Osaka...  Posted on 03/20/2012
OK, so this wasn’t just another night in Osaka, this was the annual Farplane get together in Osaka which put simply is one fucking crazy night!Hosted by the Farplane store in American Village, the annual event attracts an eclectic...
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UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE  Posted on 03/18/2012
My home for the past six weeksSince I arrived in Japan a little over 6 weeks ago I’ve been living at my girlfriend Eri’s house. We live in a part of Osaka called Hanaten, situated in a fairly sleepy corner of the city a short...
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Happy White Day!  Posted on 03/14/2012
That’s right, today is White Day, apparently not a day for celebrating the positive influence of White people in Asia, but instead a day for the boys of Japan, South Korea, China and Taiwan to give girls chocolates (providing of...
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The Myth of the ¥250,000 Wage.  Posted on 03/09/2012
Japan is an expensive country, everyone knows that, but regardless of this knowledge thousands of foreigners continue to flock here seeking the high wages promised by a job that seemingly requires just one skill; the ability to speak...
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Botan Nabe  Posted on 03/03/2012
Although still a relatively new arrival in Japan I’m in the privileged position of living with my Japanese girlfriend, as a result I get to try things that other new arrivals may not get the chance to do. A good example of this was a...
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