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No Weekend Was Dull  Posted on 08/23/2011
I only have 24 hours remaining in Urasa, and I have felt like I'll be barely making it out alive because of whatever stomach bug I have. I planned to make the last weekend uneventful, but something inside me had different plans for...
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The Final Week  Posted on 08/20/2011
Although I've ended my summer Text Skills class on a high note with positive feedback from pleased and caring students, I've developed some stomach bug. The peak of these symptoms were Thursday night & Friday morning. For...
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Weekend with Students  Posted on 08/15/2011
I dedicated this past weekend with the students since I spent the previous 3 weekends with Adam, Yoshimi, and Masumi. On Friday, I went to a soba restaurant in nearby Osaki, a village closer to Hakkai-san, with my Text Skills class.Here is...
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Exciting, Exhausting, and Expensive  Posted on 08/08/2011
What a 3-day weekend it was! It started at 8:00 Saturday morning, leaving IUJ with a couple of Nepalese students to Urasa station to catch the shinkansen towards Tokyo. I helped the two guys from Nepal get their tickets to Ueno while I got...
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The Worst Nightmare in Years  Posted on 08/07/2011
Two nights ago, in the early morning of August 6th, I had the worst nightmare I've ever had as an adult. It frightened me so much that it shook me from my sleep around 4:15am and it took me about 45 minutes to calm down and convince...
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Nostalgia  Posted on 08/04/2011
This morning I had a dream that took me back to the summer of 2001, when Jenevieve and I started our new married life together in the Carriage House apartment on North Bend Road in Baltimore. The dream consisted of me getting a campus and...
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Niigata Highway Adventure  Posted on 08/01/2011
Here I am with my free rental umbrella at the top of a mountain overlooking the ski resort town of Yuzawa, which is between Urasa and Takasaki. I got here my ropeway, and I got to the ropeway by car, and that car was driven by Yoshimi, a...
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Getting Back to Business  Posted on 07/27/2011
After the excitement of last weekend, I found myself getting behind in my research and my job. Fortunately for me, I have caught up with my job's tasks this morning, so I have been able to relax a little bit. Yesterday, I exhausted...
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Adventures with Adam  Posted on 07/25/2011
Immediately after Friday's class, I got ready for my first trip outside of Niigata since I arrived. At the same time, the students and faculty were preparing for their hike to see the snow bridge in the Mizunashi Gorge. Fifteen...
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The Urasa Bus Tour  Posted on 07/20/2011
Last Sunday, some students and faculty went on a bus tour of the local area. We visited 3 spots, the Hakkai mountain shrine and Buddhist temple, the winery and produce market, and Bishamondo, the old shrine downtown.Here are all the bus...
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