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added on 23/01/2014 by: denisehession
Talking about various aspects of expat life abroad, particularly for an expat wife, a funny must-read. Inspired by recession in Ireland and live in Middle East, Doha Abu Dhabi and Jakarta, Indonesia. .
 tags: expat life for wife in Indonesia, expat life for wife in Middle East, expat wife, Irish emigrant abroad, reluctant expat

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Ireland – National Dress  Posted on 11/11/2015
When you live abroad and your children go school with 62 other nationalities, there is one day that comes up every year, ‘Wear your national dress day’, and for some reason this day puts me on the defensive straight away. See,...
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Breast Cancer is abroad!  Posted on 10/27/2015
It would be impossible to let this month pass without mentioning the epidemic that is affecting so many women in Ireland.   Breast Cancer. 1 in 10 Irish women will be diagnosed with breast cancer at some stage in their...
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Better off Here  Posted on 10/20/2015
Only weeks to go before having a baby in the Middle East and along with the baby, reality starts kicking hard. Having a baby abroad is all very well and sounds like a great adventure at first but as the due date draws nearer so too does...
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Bachelor Zones  Posted on 10/14/2015
There’s a common misconception out there about women in Qatar and that we are poorly treated. Many think we are not allowed leave the house or work here alone without a man, drive, socialise in bars with friends, in fact we are...
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Frozen Samsonite  Posted on 10/02/2015
We all want different things for our kids, me for example I want my kids to grow up with a real sense of Ireland and what it means to be Irish, my friend (also Irish) on the other hand, wants her kids to grow to have style and be stylish....
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Finalist in the Irish Blog Awards – Thank you!  Posted on 09/30/2015
THANK YOU! The Reluctant Emigrant has made it through to the finalists list of the Irish Blog Awards in the Best Diaspora Blog Category.   Thank you for all those who voted,  the votes made up 30% of the selection criteria...
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Eid Al Adha  Posted on 09/30/2015
Having escaped back to Ireland for the most part of Ramadan back in July, I thought by not returning to Qatar until September that the heat of significant Muslim religious festivals would have cooled down. I was wrong, this week the...
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Last Week and This  Posted on 09/17/2015
Last week I complained about the weather, my biggest issue was the rain, it was too wet to be outdoors and I my only options to entertain kids were indoor play areas and McDonalds. Sure, I waxed lyrical the first few weeks about the smell...
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What would you bring…?  Posted on 09/08/2015
It’s nearing the time to go back and it feels like being asked what would you like for your last meal before the beheading, does it really matter?, and are you really going to enjoy a toasted ham and cheese sandwich with a tonne of...
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  • denisehession
    denisehession 05 February 2014 12:16:16

    Very Funny - a must read for all expat wives out there!

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