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added on 23/01/2014 by: denisehession
Talking about various aspects of expat life abroad, particularly for an expat wife, a funny must-read. Inspired by recession in Ireland and live in Middle East, Doha Abu Dhabi and Jakarta, Indonesia. .
 tags: expat life for wife in Indonesia, expat life for wife in Middle East, expat wife, Irish emigrant abroad, reluctant expat

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Too Much Christmas  Posted on 12/16/2014
I like Christmas as much as the next person but when it’s still miles away and someone says , ‘it doesn’t feel very Christmassy this year’ I can feel my fondness for the festive season begins to wane a...
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Water – A luxury or a Right?  Posted on 12/10/2014
Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink, oh actually there is a drop to drink, it’s pumped directly to the kitchen tap but it seems a chunk of Irish society are unwilling to pay for the luxury or is it a right? Is electricity...
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Home  Posted on 12/04/2014
There are times in every expats term abroad when they feel unsure about where they belong. For many it’s Christmas, they dream about sharing a traditional Christmas with their family and loved ones.   They think about the...
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RP in Qatar  Posted on 11/25/2014
For the trailing spouse (usually wife) getting set up in Qatar is not as easy as rocking up with a pair of fitflops and a maxi. Unless you want to do visa runs to Bahrain every 59 days, you need to obtain an RP (residents permit). Every...
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Lost in Translation  Posted on 11/19/2014
  Just as the brown and peach floral sofa that came with the house was beginning to grow on me, I got the news that our container was arriving from Indonesia. Browned off living in an empty shell of a house and sleeping on a bed where...
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The Free Year  Posted on 11/13/2014
Growing tired of playing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles morning after morning, I decide that it’s time my three and half year old attends pre-school, playschool, nursery, Montessori, Kindergarten, something, anything that sees me doing...
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Home Sweet Home in Doha  Posted on 10/28/2014
Since arriving to Doha the first month has passed in a haze, so frantic and frenzied is the search for a house, school, car and the container that left Indonesia months ago, that I have been consumed with setting up home. Finding the right...
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Oktoberfest in Doha  Posted on 10/22/2014
  Three weeks into our expatriation to Doha and the novelty of clean living is wearing off. It’s ironic that during these first weeks of trying to make a home on the peninsula off Saudi Arabia where you need a licence to buy...
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House Hunting Doha  Posted on 10/15/2014
For some the idea of being holed up at the Intercontinental Hotel on Westbay in Doha for a month might sound ideal, but for a mother of three, wife to one and daughter of the land, so to speak, it’s nothing short of sheer torture....
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Old Doha New Doha  Posted on 10/08/2014
Arriving days ago to Doha wasn’t as daunting as it might have been, after all, I’d been to and lived-in Doha before. It was my first stop when I emigrated from Ireland in 2010 and it was where I called home for almost two...
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  • denisehession
    denisehession 05 February 2014 12:16:16

    Very Funny - a must read for all expat wives out there!

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