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added on 23/01/2014 by: denisehession
Talking about various aspects of expat life abroad, particularly for an expat wife, a funny must-read. Inspired by recession in Ireland and live in Middle East, Doha Abu Dhabi and Jakarta, Indonesia. .
 tags: expat life for wife in Indonesia, expat life for wife in Middle East, expat wife, Irish emigrant abroad, reluctant expat

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Take me to church  Posted on 04/16/2015
I have been christened, communicated, confirmed, married under the nose of the Catholic Church and four years ago I started the circle once again by christening my own child in the church. A typical thirtysomething catholic, I land in on...
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Sandstorm in Doha  Posted on 04/07/2015
It’s indisputable, the temperatures in Doha are a sun worshippers dream. Living in a world where outdoor swimming pools and air conditioning are the norm it’s easy to fall into believing, (especially when you come from damp ole...
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Marry in Haste, Repent in Doha  Posted on 03/29/2015
  It’s the most natural cycle in the world, you meet each other, fall in love, decide to move in together, agree to emigrate to the Middle East to turn a quick buck while you’re both still young, get all the documentation...
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Back to School  Posted on 03/25/2015
After a long wait, the news finally came, my four year old was accepted to start school. Like all momentous moments in life, I remember exactly where I was when I received the call. I was outside the Supreme Education Council building on...
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Amiri Flight Qatar  Posted on 03/23/2015
It’s only natural that as we’re all here working and occasionally socialising together that the question arises, ‘where are you working?’, ‘who are you working for?’, ‘What company do you work...
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St. Patricks Day  Posted on 03/17/2015
There aren’t too many times in my life that I have been embarrassed to be Irish but being assumed to be a beer lovin’ Paddy that enjoys nothing more than a pint and a fight on Paddy’s Day is one of them. Ashamed...
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Entrance Exam for a 3 Year old in Qatar  Posted on 03/12/2015
For families arriving in Qatar, finding suitable schools for the children is likely to pose the biggest hurdle, when trying to get set up in Doha. You’ll have been warned and you understand that all the English speaking schools are...
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International Day at Park House School Doha, 2015  Posted on 03/01/2015
  It was that time of year again, the notice came out from the school, everyone was to make an effort and get involved, it was International Day.  I cringed. For the past five years, I’d been humiliated in four different...
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Money can buy anything – in Qatar  Posted on 02/23/2015
There is no doubt that everything in life is relative and your sense of achievement and accomplishment is naturally also relative to or even dependent upon where you live and who you are surrounded by. There was a time in Ireland when...
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Family Pro  Posted on 02/08/2015
So what do you do all day? – It always take me aback when people ask this question at a social gathering just when things are going nicely, the room seems to hush a little waiting for the reply. Very early on I figured that the best...
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  • denisehession
    denisehession 05 February 2014 12:16:16

    Very Funny - a must read for all expat wives out there!

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