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added on 23/01/2014 by: denisehession
Talking about various aspects of expat life abroad, particularly for an expat wife, a funny must-read. Inspired by recession in Ireland and live in Middle East, Doha Abu Dhabi and Jakarta, Indonesia. .
 tags: expat life for wife in Indonesia, expat life for wife in Middle East, expat wife, Irish emigrant abroad, reluctant expat

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Turkish Delight  Posted on 07/22/2015
It’s a thing among expats and one of the commonly asked questions at this time of year, ‘who are you flying home with?’   There’s a certain airline snobbery that exists midst expats they just love to...
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Ramadan  Posted on 07/02/2015
This week the Muslim world was greeted by the arrival of the first week of Ramadan. Of course Qatar takes Ramadan as seriously as everything else so there is no dilution in the traditions and rituals.   The gist of Ramadan of...
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Pregnant in Doha  Posted on 06/24/2015
Back in the workforce four months after a four year maternity leave and just as the daily grind was beginning get mundane I discovered great news – pregnant again! As pregnancy is really the only long-term cure for work, I was...
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To work or not to work.  Posted on 06/18/2015
There was a time when married women weren’t offered the opportunity to work outside the home or have a career, ‘her indoors’ primary and sole role was to run the house and raise the children. Then over time society...
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QDC in Qatar  Posted on 06/04/2015
There are many misconceptions about Qatar; one regular misconception is that alcohol is not available. Many people think that Qatar is like Saudi, and believe me, we are nothing like Saudi, women can drive in Qatar, western women can wear...
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Same Sex, Different Day  Posted on 05/23/2015
Today, Friday 22nd May in Ireland is a proud day for democracy.  There surely must not be a need to clarify what referendum is being voted on, but just in case, it’s the same-sex marriage referendum.  I’m feeling a...
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Bigger not Better  Posted on 05/20/2015
One might think that a nation like Ireland could have nothing possibly in common with a country like Qatar, after all, Qatar continues each year to be ranked the richest country in the world owing to massive natural oil and gas resources...
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Leaving Cert in Qatar  Posted on 05/14/2015
It’s that time of year again when the school year is beginning to close in and talk of exams are rife and yet another year has passed with no talk of returning to the nest. When we left Ireland for Doha back in 2010, education for...
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Nepal  Posted on 05/05/2015
It has to be said the one certain advantage that emigration offers is the advantage of looking at the world and those in it, from a different perspective.  Of course we all realise that there’s a bit bad world outside of Cork...
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Real Expat Wife  Posted on 05/01/2015
  The term ‘expat wife’ is bandied around a lot, the illusion being that the wife of the expat is nothing other than a trinket that bobs along happily behind the her husband, happy with her new found finery and year round...
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  • denisehession
    denisehession 05 February 2014 12:16:16

    Very Funny - a must read for all expat wives out there!

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