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added on 24/11/2009 by: lukereg
My life and views from my time in Jakarta. What I observe and how I feel about living so far from home and those I miss. Now sharing my life with my wife and son so things will be seen in completely new ways by me and my son as he grows and learns to understand life
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Eye Tests Jakarta  Posted on 04/08/2015
Eye tests are free in Indonesia. Free if you trust some guy or gal using an eye test machine who completes the eyes tests in a little under 15 minutes and then give you a result which can change your sight forever should you wish to act on...
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Sick not sick  Posted on 03/24/2015
About a month ago I was diagnosed with Typhoid/Typhus/Tipes and a host of other same sounding names which pretty much all mean the same term. Happily since then I have been given the all clear of Typhus which is good but still I am not...
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Jeremy at 22 Months  Posted on 03/05/2015
In 2 months time Jeremy will be 2. That has come round so quickly and everything has been now, thinking back, a blur.In those 22 months he has grown and changed everyday and continues to delight and amaze me with his ability to learn, his...
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Typhoid  Posted on 02/24/2015
Since January I have been having stomach and digestion problems and spent many an hour on the toilet wishing for a smell free day. Me being me, I considered it just a bout of food poisoning which is common here due to the lax hygiene...
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Happy Birthday EF  Posted on 02/17/2015
Somedays its hard to imagine that EF English First is 50 years old and that it was created a Swedish man with a vision and who saw a gap in the then developing tourist market and exploited it to the max. But EF (Education First and its...
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Floods in Jakarta  Posted on 02/14/2015
Well after 2 months of threatening the city with floods of near biblical proportions it finally happened. The city has in some places been flooding in areas since Christmas but this week with a high tide from the north, heavy rains in the...
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Working as a teacher  Posted on 02/09/2015
Next year, I will celebrate 10 years away the UK and the year after 10 years of teaching. But for now I will settle for 8 years.I have worked for EF since coming to Indonesia and overall it has been simply a magical experience and I am not...
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A recent Interview  Posted on 02/07/2015
A while back I was asked to do an interview for Expat-Blog which is a site dedicated to those living away from their home countries and on the whole is a good place to be.British expat, Luke settled in Indonesia in 2007. Teacher by...
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Car Free Day  Posted on 01/30/2015
My wife has some new trainers for the gym as the old ones fell apart and needed replacing. We bought them on Saturday because she was off to the gym on Monday.So on the way home from the store I was told that I had to go running with her...
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January  Posted on 01/21/2015
Not the start to the year I needed, being sick for 2 weeks, not eating or sleeping well and still not right. Something dodgy was eaten and its not been good for me. But everything continues.I have just completed another year of Indonesia...
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  • yovita12
    yovita12 21 December 2012 05:23:52

    Hi this is a great blog, keep up the good work

  • yanie@cahaya
    yanie@cahaya 17 November 2011 15:48:04

    hai I'm Yanie, are u still in Jakarta cos I'm coming to indonesia on 22nd nov .Maybe can email me starnury@gmail.com

  • indanalima
    indanalima 21 September 2010 05:34:15

    Hi my brother is now in UK and i am thinking to go to London or UK or wimbledon in the future, may be we can exchange some insights.
    write me back.

  • Fauzan
    Fauzan 18 July 2010 06:50:06

    Hello ! I'm Fauzan, from Jakarta, ID. I'm looking for some people to help me in improving my English. I'm a student in a University of Indonesia. Well, if you don't mind, would you write back? :D

  • kamfli
    kamfli 17 December 2009 22:21:55

    Hi! I am actually thinking about coming to Indonesia, could you please tell me how did you find a job? Do you know maybe someone who is working in Travel Agency or Hotel Marketing department?
    Thanks for your advices ;)

    see you soon,

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