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Lady RaRa Jakarta

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added on 01/08/2010 by: Lady RaRa
I am a 23 year old Scot discovering the highs and lows of life in Jakarta, Indonesia. My blog is filled with amusing articles about the weird and wonderful things I encounter here, alongside some advice for any newcomers who might feel as lost as I did when I first arrived.
 tags: adventure, clubbing, funny, jakarta, travels

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Ratanikiri, rubber plantations, Rin.  Posted on 04/23/2014
THE ROADS we trundled in a clapped-out tour truck from Phnom Penh to Banlung, Ratanakiri were all but rocks and red dust, crumbled from the hillside and blown billowing in blinding stoor across the landscape. Beyond them lay miles of...
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please don't talk to me while i'm dancing  Posted on 03/02/2014
There's been no great seismic shift in the behaviours that follow; just in my age and tolerance of them - they're assigned to a spectrum of other previously-overlooked grievances like post-10pm street noise, misogyny and bin bags...
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a (good) week in the life  Posted on 02/02/2014
Hello 2014.There are more and more showboating blogs these days. The theme is the writer's own good fortune, wardrobe, culinary escapades, voluminous hair, aptitude for selecting flattering Instagram filters, popularity and the...
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a break from the norm : spoken word  Posted on 12/09/2013
Last weekLast week a helicopter fell out of the skyPassers by rescued strangers from the wreckage. 9 died.A blood-splattered politician talking senseForming human chains in a bid to free the restAnd we all stood silent, struck all at...
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Crisis 2  Posted on 08/11/2013
This morning I fell down a flight of steps. Clattered down them. Knee and ankle forcibly met tenement concrete, while my roller bag catapulted down ahead of me like a kamikazee sledge. This was my crisis for today.For the rest of the day,...
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Rebecca's Wedding  Posted on 07/18/2013
Rebecca celebrated her wedding on Arrie, a stretch of land on a Black Isle hilltop overlooking the sea. It casts out unspoiled panoramas of the Moray Firth - the same landscape that was the backdrop to Rebecca's childhood - great...
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Second class citizens (please don't hurt me internet)  Posted on 07/03/2013
I tend not to divulge my opinions on feminism. When I broach the subject in the vicinity of other online feminists, I feel like I'm tiptoeing through razor wire, scared to make a false move lest I nick some vein of vitriol pulsing...
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In Camden they'd stab you for the sugar in your tea  Posted on 07/01/2013
It's strange the things your childhood brain retains as fact, without question, until you say it aloud as an adult and realise it's objectively nonsense. This has had greatest impact on my perceptions of London, stemming from two...
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RaRa on Samantha Brick's Diet  Posted on 04/20/2013
The story below does not relate to the man in the above picture. Though they do both like pudding.I was sheltering from torrential rain in a doorway next to a supermarket, waiting for a taxi, when my gaze locked on an estate car parked up...
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Adventures in Bikram  Posted on 04/17/2013
Saturday morning, West End. I'm chatting to two strangers, an older man and woman both in their late 50s, about the musculoskeletal system and degenerative discs. We're all drenched in sweat, hair slathered to scalps and faces...
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  • raihanmazumder
    raihanmazumder 03 April 2012 01:35:22

    great to know u.

  • kaseyskye 14 December 2011 14:42:10

    Would love to get in touch and pass on some information/contacts with you about the 'arak poisoning documentary'.
    How can I get in touch with you. I am an Australian living in Indonesia at the moment.

  • cjhui
    cjhui 02 October 2010 05:47:14

    Great blog cant wait to see more.safe travels and Aloha cjhui

  • OQ15
    OQ15 08 August 2010 12:04:25

    do you still live around jakarta? where about you from scotland? you still have the accent with ya?

    I'm Oki, just wanna have a chat with any scots to practice my scots accent...

    0817 177 898

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