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100 Days of Happiness – Day 83  Posted on 04/22/2014
As soon as I woke this morning I decided it would be fun to take Samudra to visit the baby elephants at Ragunan Zoo to start our day. I googled opening times and it said 7.00am-5.00pm so I played with Samudra first and went to leave the...
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100 Days of Happiness – Day 82  Posted on 04/21/2014
I had been planning to get up early today to visit Taman Suropati as it has been on my ‘to do’ list since having Samudra, and it’s been way too long since we were last there to watch Ages Biola and his students practising...
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100 Days of Happiness – Day 81  Posted on 04/21/2014
Happy Easter Weekend to everyone! Tomorrow is Easter Sunday and still I haven’t seen a single chocolate egg for sale in Jakarta.. looks like the Easter Bunny will be missing our house, not that it matters as I have a chocolate fix...
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100 Days of Happiness – Day 80  Posted on 04/21/2014
I planned to have a quick walk up the street this morning to go in search of bread as I woke up absolutely famished! As usual I left the house with Samudra on my hip and the camera slung over my shoulder, and we headed straight for the...
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100 Days of Happiness – Day 79  Posted on 04/20/2014
As much as I tried, I couldn’t get Samudra back to sleep once he had woken super early this morning, so we played until 6.00am when it was at least a reasonable hour for me to get out of bed and go for a walk. I must say I scared...
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100 Days of Happiness – Day 78  Posted on 04/20/2014
This morning started what only continued to be a bit of a strange day for me emotionally, so I felt like a crazy bule in Jakarta today, not really getting in sync with the day!  I had planned to take Samudra for a morning walk but...
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100 Days of Happiness – Day 77  Posted on 04/16/2014
I was so happy to wake up and know that we would be heading out to see Deasy and Amaru again today, I really miss chats with Deasy and it’s been a long time between visits. I smiled as we travelled back through the streets of...
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100 Days of Happiness – Day 76  Posted on 04/16/2014
As today was spent infront of my computer all day or otherwise holding Samudra to try and calm him down from crying, I didn’t have any chance for mini adventures or photo taking outside of the house.  Being inside all day makes...
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100 Days of Happiness – Day 75  Posted on 04/14/2014
I had arranged with Treen to go to Car Free Day this morning, and for once Samudra decided not to wake up early, so by the time Treen arrived in the taxi with Claire, I had to wake Samudra and take him with us in his pajamas.  The...
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100 Days of Happiness – Day 74  Posted on 04/14/2014
I had been dreaming of having a Saturday morning sleep in but didn’t make it past 6.30am this morning (which I guess IS considered a sleep-in these days!), so out came the baby sling, camera and Samudra and I headed off on another...
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  • octavianus
    octavianus 24 June 2013 11:57:17

    i like this post from you can we be a friends ?
    i'm sandy life in jakarta

  • endydaniel
    endydaniel 24 September 2012 18:59:28

    i love both of ur blogs, the story is interesting n the photos r beautiful :)

  • welovejakarta
    welovejakarta 10 August 2011 09:34:12

    Thank you so much for looking at our blog... I know, there are so many pages and so many photos! Treen is the expert writer but she has been so busy lately that it's difficult for her to keep it up... so I keep posting pics and forgetting to write accompanying text!

    Thanks so much for your feedback and great to hear from you!

  • romeldoshi
    romeldoshi 05 August 2011 16:28:20

    Haven't gone through your entire blog, but what ever I could, I loved it. Don't let the information and experiences stop translating into text.


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