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Happy 1st Birthday Samudra!  Posted on 08/01/2014
Well today marks the beginning of August.. so July just flew by and I have barely sat at my computer as life has been filled with adventures, play dates, birthdays, voting, Ramadhan, Lebaran, and most importantly for me, July marked the...
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Public Holiday Fun in Jakarta  Posted on 07/15/2014
Jakarta has so many public holidays that it’s difficult to keep up with them, especially when you don’t travel to work in an office so every day feels sort of like a holiday, even if you are working super long hours, because...
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Lestari Sayang Anak’s 5th Anniversary  Posted on 07/14/2014
This is another incredibly late post, but I wanted to share some pictures from the anniversary of Lestari Sayang Anak in Cipete. Five years ago, Ingrid and her husbands dream to open an orphanage to improve the life of abandoned babies and...
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Indonesia Creative Week 2014  Posted on 07/14/2014
Today I have decided it’s high time I FINALLY sort out some photos off my desktop and clear my computer as we have many adventures coming in the next few weeks and I need to de-clutter my laptop before it gets out of hand.. and...
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A lovely Sunday morning stroll….  Posted on 07/08/2014
Hello! Remember me? I seem to be neglecting this blog yet again and of course can offer many excuses but really I have just been living and I haven’t had a chance to transfer all my camera memory cards… in WEEKS… now the...
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One Fine Sunday… Taman Suropati, Menteng  Posted on 06/12/2014
Another early morning and Putra left for filming in Kelapa Gading at 5.00am so I was wide awake and wondering what to do for entertainment with Samudra on a Sunday.  I wasn’t feeling energised enough to make the long walk for...
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Ohhhhhh yum….  Posted on 06/12/2014
Anyone who has been following this blog would know that I have spent many mornings out walking in the complex at supid-o’clock with little Samudra… which I have actually LOVED, and then just recently, I looked a little more...
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JFFF 2014 at Kelapa Gading  Posted on 06/12/2014
Well hello! It’s been over a month now since my 100 Days of Happiness ended and we have been caught up in a whirlwind of play dates, events, work, adventures and giving my back a break from carrying the camera plus Samudra everywhere...
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100 Days of Happiness – Day 100  Posted on 05/25/2014
Well today marks the end of the 100 Days of Happiness challenge and although I am posting this way after the fact, I can say I feel a little lost not having to write at the end of each day so I can remember what has been happening. Today I...
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100 Days of Happiness – Day 99  Posted on 05/25/2014
This morning we missed out on our morning walk as it was a little late before I managed to get up and find motivation and the sun was already far too warm.  If I miss the early morning window to walk then I end up covered in sweat and...
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  • octavianus
    octavianus 24 June 2013 11:57:17

    i like this post from you can we be a friends ?
    i\'m sandy life in jakarta

  • endydaniel
    endydaniel 24 September 2012 18:59:28

    i love both of ur blogs, the story is interesting n the photos r beautiful :)

  • welovejakarta
    welovejakarta 10 August 2011 09:34:12

    Thank you so much for looking at our blog... I know, there are so many pages and so many photos! Treen is the expert writer but she has been so busy lately that it's difficult for her to keep it up... so I keep posting pics and forgetting to write accompanying text!

    Thanks so much for your feedback and great to hear from you!

  • romeldoshi
    romeldoshi 05 August 2011 16:28:20

    Haven't gone through your entire blog, but what ever I could, I loved it. Don't let the information and experiences stop translating into text.


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