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Mandala Airlines flight to Padang  Posted on 05/20/2013
A lady working in the picturesque rice fields Stunning scenery out in the mountains Traditional Tari Piring Plate Dancers Pencak Silat performance in Bukittinggi The view of Sianok Grand Canyon from my window at Grand Rocky Hotel in...
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Moncak Martial Arts in Sibolga, Indonesia  Posted on 05/19/2013
Moncak movement demonstration outside of Jon Simarmata’s house in Sibolga Jon preparing for a Moncak fighting demonstration Throwing each other around the grass field Jon demonstrates Moncak using a weapon Practising moves with a...
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Cultural Debt in Barus, Sumatra  Posted on 05/19/2013
Derti stands outside her house early in the morning of her celebration Little boy in the window at Derti’s house Derti and friends enjoying some quiet time Young girls playing ‘elastics’ outside Derti’s house Derti...
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Batak Wedding in Barus, Sumatra  Posted on 05/18/2013
View of the beautiful bride getting ready by the window Leaving for the church ceremony Inside the sweet church Family of the bride Beautiful girls collecting flowers for decorations from the forest Back in Barus village to greet guests...
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Batak Documentary Premiere!  Posted on 12/16/2012
I want to tell the world just how proud I am of Mahatma Putra for his Batak documentary – it’s been a fun journey and finally the premiere is nearly here!! For anyone in Jakarta on 20 December, please join us for the screening...
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Village of King Siallagan  Posted on 11/06/2012
The stone chairs of King Siallagan Stone statue in the Village of King Siallagan Traditional lion’s head and lizard carvings Traditional Batak houses. The shape of the roof is raised at both ends, one end raised and providing shelter...
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Shrines in Samosir  Posted on 10/31/2012
A shrine sits up high in Tuk Tuk overlooking Lake Toba A shrine in Tuk Tuk A grave on the mountainside at Tuk Tuk A colourful shrine on the edge of Lake Toba Children running against the wind near some tombs in Pangururan Tomb inside the...
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Around Samosir Island…  Posted on 10/31/2012
A few images of our journey around the majestic Samosir Island….. Goats roaming freely around Lake Toba Dark clouds loom over the lake Rounding up the ducklings with a broom.. Chasing the duck that got away! Relaxing with her grandma...
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Beautiful Children of Tuk Tuk, Samosir Island  Posted on 10/05/2012
Riding around Tuk Tuk at Samosir Island, trying to do some research on places of interest, we came across some beautiful children, full of smiles and happiness as always! Oh I miss these little faces.. Now that’s one seriously...
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  • welovejakarta
    welovejakarta 10 August 2011 09:36:31

    Hi Ama! Thanks so much for your message and so happy you enjoy my photo blog - always nice to know that people are actually looking...

    Yes, I am staying in Jakarta... you can send me a message to welovejakarta.com@gmail.com and we can arrange to catch up if you like.

    Thanks so much

  • benn28
    benn28 02 May 2011 06:41:24

    wow.. these photos are going to be good memory for your life. I wish i have photo the places i have visited before....

  • adhi
    adhi 27 February 2011 04:25:09

    Hi Tasha, I've visited your blog. I think its a nice blog with great post.

  • welovejakarta
    welovejakarta 21 February 2011 08:33:23

    Hi Eileen! Thanks so much for your comment... so happy that you are enjoying our blog.. I am having so much taking photos while wandering the streets... so much to see here... it's a sensory overload... LOVE IT!

    Vladaries Team.. Selamat sore! I am in Kemang.... where are you??

  • VladariesTeam 18 February 2011 20:24:50

    Hyy Tasha whether you live in jakarta??Greetings

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