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What'S WITH THE WEATHER?  Posted on 04/26/2014
So I thought we were done with the rainy season, but it actually got worse since the past few days! there were days when all I heard was thunder one after another and it was actually pretty scary!Above picture is what I managed to snap...
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ASMARA - a romantic diner in Senggigi, Lombok  Posted on 03/30/2014
This time I want to take you guys back to Lombok. There is this well-known romantic restaurant in Senggigi area. Asmara or Romance in English, this place caught my eyes when I walked back to the hotel from the traditional market nearby so...
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STREET FOOD ADVENTURE - ULSAN!  Posted on 03/29/2014
I have been wanting to share these pictures of some of the street food I ate in South Korea when I lived there. So here it is... One of my favorites ever, prawn and chili tempura. This one has beans and sugar filling in it Dok bo qi! Fish...
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PAUL BAKERY JAKARTA  Posted on 03/17/2014
Last Sunday hubby and I went to Paul bakery at Pacific Place to check out their bread. I told Andy that he won't regret going there, since he's been complaining about how bad the bread in Jakarta. He didn't think that Paul...
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Free Pizza from Pizza Express?  Posted on 03/16/2014
So I have tried to use the Delivery Voucher from Pizza Express, twice! and both time were pretty "successful" I can say, except for the first time that the delivery guy forgot to ask for the voucher upon arrival ( maybe because...
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Taman restaurant @ Senggigi  Posted on 03/13/2014
Andy and I had a very nice 2 weeks holidays in Senggigi, Lombok and we tried as many restaurant around as possible. One of them was Taman Restaurant recommended by a taxi driver (the best resource to ask when you go to a place you've...
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Trattoria @ Kuningan  Posted on 03/12/2014
Have you guys tried Trattoria in East Building, Kuningan? I went with Andy, Jho and Denis and fell in love with one of their beef dishes served in Marinara sauce (forgive the slow memory here). But if you guys ever want to head there for...
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Isola Bella @ ShangHai  Posted on 02/21/2014
Andy and I love this Italian restaurant in Shanghai, we use to go there quite often ever since we lived in Linping. The owner is very friendly that everytime we went for a dinner there, he always served us Limoncello and champagne on the...
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KOTA TUA, JAKARTA  Posted on 02/21/2014
I went to KOTA TUA with Frida, Chintya, Riyan and Aldi on a one sunny day about half a year ago then went back there last December with my friends Nigina and James. It was such a big change there. Well, except the street food vendors...
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Ever wanted to try something different? West meets east perhaps? Go to Black Cave restaurant & Bar in Central Jakarta! They have surprising dishes and beverages that will make you wonder. I had the privillage to try quite a few of...
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  • omawumi
    omawumi 10 January 2014 08:10:43

    Very unique , your interest in food and the art of it itself..my name is omawumi, I live in lagos Nigeria,i also started another blog basically about entertainment, fashion and life style, news and happenings in Nigeria and in Europe, USA, Asia and all. I also need resource materials too.you can also send me a short history about your self, what you do and how long you ve been at it?with pictures also of your adventures of the world of food.i wanna show case it on our blog omaikomi@ymail.com ..also spread my blog to your friends..

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