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In love with/in Singapore  Posted on 05/08/2013
Not many places in the world surprise you with such views.... when you step out of the air conditioned subway!Next week marks One-Month-in-Singapore for me. It does feel like I've lived here longer though! I'm already so feeling...
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Living in Singapore  Posted on 04/24/2013
Love it! Hands down, love it!Been walking around with a constant smile on my face ever since arriving. It's been exactly a week now.The "western corner". Simply beautiful.I have a very good feeling about this city and me in...
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SMOOTH  Posted on 02/05/2013
It looks like the deal I worked and worried my ass off did go through after all. I'm flying to Europe this week to make sure it does. Or come back crying.If things go right then in two weeks time I'll be the happiest girl, having...
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Oh those weekends!  Posted on 02/02/2013
The sun just went down (or behind the skyscraper next to my pool), so it looks like it's officially Saturday evening now. It's been a rather relaxing day and I'm glad that the week is over.I was so damn busy with one of my...
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Hallo, wie geht's?  Posted on 01/31/2013
Hello people from all over the world!Isn't it nice to be a globetrotter! I realized how many expat readers I have and that made me think about the amazing opportunity we've been given by fate (or if you wish, by ourselves) to...
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Singapore Airlines Business Class  Posted on 01/30/2013
Simply excellent!Great food, great entertainment (good selection of asian movies that I like, tired of western crap)Good mags.Great service.Too bad I didn't feel like drinking, the champagne seemed to be great too..
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Singapore  Posted on 01/28/2013
Dear Blog friends and hello to new readers from United Arab Emirates!I've been feeling a little sicky since I came back to Jakarta two days ago so I feel zero creative about writing anything. Basically slept the whole day yesterday. I...
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Hong Kong, hotel Ovolo, condoms and picnic in bed.  Posted on 01/25/2013
Good Morning Hong Kong!Ovolo is such a quite little boutique hotel for single or extended stays. It is extremely functional, the rooms having everything you need plus free mini-bar for you to destroy. If I could drink hard alcohol (for...
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Philippine Airlines, Jakarta to Singapore  Posted on 01/24/2013
Good quality! Good food! Quick flight!I'm still on a road, so I haven't been posting for a couple of days. Been traveling in Singapore, Macau and Hong Kong. My investment projects started out so promising a day or too ago and I...
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