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added on 24/10/2012 by: SarahMS
We are an expat family from Sydney, Australia. We are currently living in our adopted city Jakarta, the big Duran. %u2018Mid Night Visitor%u2019 is the title for the first published article that our daughter Miss D wrote in 2011 (Book tittle is %u2018King of The Trees %u2013 Young Writers Award 2012%u2032). We use this title as our blog name to celebrate her achievement. Besides, we believe %u2018Mid Night Visitor%u2019 is quite a proper name for our blog. Blogging is something we often do at night when we have time to reflect, after the day%u2019s work has been done. After all, we blog to celebrate our life%u2019s adventure, we do not wish to run our lives by blogging itself. Please come to have a visit when you have a moment and join our family%u2019s adventure with us.
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Jakarta Luxury Car Show  Posted on 07/16/2013
Good morning, how’s your week so far? We saw a car exhibition a while ago and are really excited to see all the luxury cars. A great thing about living in Jakarta is we get to see lots of fancy cars and even get to ride in some of...
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Ballet cookies and cupcakes  Posted on 07/15/2013
Ballet cookies? Are we making these today? Actually… no. But our post today is dancing related and hence the ballet cookies here. Look at these, how adorable they are. If you love cookies, you got to love these. Good morning, how are...
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Mango Sorbet  Posted on 07/12/2013
Mango is abundant here in Jakarta and what better way to enjoy mango than making them into mango sorbet? It is Friday and you can grab some mangoes while doing your weekend shopping. It’s not too late. Enjoy a tropical dessert during...
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Guilty Free Banana Ice Cream  Posted on 07/11/2013
Ice Creams, anyone? Bananas are plenty here in Jakarta and today we are sharing a dessert made with old, ripped bananas. Over ripped bananas are an everyday scene here because: a) There are lots and lots of bananas here.There is even...
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Cream Puff – Choux à la crème  Posted on 07/10/2013
Good morning, today is the first day of Muslin fasting month and we are sharing another French dessert: Cream Puff – Choux à la crème. We eat snacks in most afternoons, a piece of fruit, some nuts, but sometimes it is...
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Ham Cheese Souffle  Posted on 07/09/2013
Do you love cheese? Well, the French and Italians certainly do and today we are sharing a cheese recipe with you: Ham and Cheese Souffle (Soufflé au Jambon Fromage in French). We haven’t done a what we bought this month for a...
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French Chocolate Pudding  Posted on 07/08/2013
Good morning, how are you today? A new week and today we are sharing a French dessert to have a sweet start to our new week. This dessert is called Pots de crème in French which means Chocolate pudding. Really yum! Do you know that...
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Easiest Slow Cooking Crockpot Pork  Posted on 07/07/2013
Good morning, how are you today? Today we are sharing a slow cooking crock-pot recipe. Slow cooking crock-pot pork. You know, slow cooking dishes are best served in winter time. So why are we making this today? Well, our friends told us it...
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Honey Lemon Ice Tea  Posted on 07/06/2013
Good morning, how are you today? Today we are making a very easy drink in the D house: Honey Ice Lemon Tea. Ice Lemon Tea is an everyday drink in Indonesia and every single restaurant we go to serves it. If you know how hot it is in...
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    Julia Rose 04 June 2013 03:27:20

    Its nice thing....

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    davidhouc 22 May 2013 01:38:49

    happy to visit you here

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