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Concours de Circonstances  Posted on 05/02/2011
Concours de Circonstances: combination of circumstances. A week ago I was on my way to Soakarno-Hatta International for my spring break vacation. Easter day was my lucky day and happily made it to the airport in no time...that is 1h25...
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Festival Sinema Perancis 2011  Posted on 04/10/2011
For more than a 100 years the French government has been working on promoting visual arts, music, performing arts, architecture as well as the French language in foreign countries in the form of "French Institutes" commonly known...
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Jakarta Road Race Series 2011  Posted on 03/30/2011
The Jakarta road series event is a yearly Jakarta tradition that offers individual as well as family 5K and 2.5K races, aimed at raising money for local charities. The 5K races are held at 4 different locations: the British International...
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22 Minutes of Fame (+ commercials)  Posted on 03/26/2011
House Hunters is an American reality series that currently airs episodes on the cable television network HGTV. It premiered in 1999 and has now expanded to the world with its House Hunters International series. The program follows...
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Top 10 Bali Fun Facts  Posted on 03/20/2011
Call it whatever you want: tradition, custom, belief ...If you're from the States you might even call it "O.C.D** for what I know; The Balinese people have thousands of rituals to observe everyday and most of which are geared...
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TIME 4 MOM  Posted on 03/13/2011
"When we weren't scratching each other's eyes out, we were making each other laugh harder than anyone else could."Lucie Arnaz, daughter of Lucille Ball Feb 19th 2011, JAKARTA SOEKARNO-HATTA International Airport - Here...
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Like a Prayer  Posted on 02/19/2011
I remember being woken up really early my first night in Jakarta; in fact the clock had hit 4.48 a.m. and chanting prayers of the Fajr were coming out from the Mosque down the street... The Fajr (Arabic: فجر‎) prayer is the first of...
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WELCOME TO MY PARADISE...  Posted on 02/13/2011
From trendy venues to small get-togethers, Jakarta's nightlife has a lot to offer. For people living in South Jakarta the Kemang area is the closest reference in terms of bars, coffee shops and international cuisine. A perfect example...
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From Balinese traditional dances to line dancing.  Posted on 01/28/2011
As a new Blackberry owner and without a single clue of what "BBMing*" meant at the time, I had no other choice but to seek the advice and help of a Smartphone expert; a title that applies to the majority of locals in Jakarta,...
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The real housewives of JAKARTA.  Posted on 01/23/2011
Following the recurrent bag snatches in the neighborhood (of which I was a victim in mid-December), I had the honor to be invited to my very first Arisan by an Indonesian school parent, Lina who happens to live a couple of doors down the...
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  • Alin Nab
    Alin Nab 29 March 2012 05:28:51

    Bonjour monsieur Philippe! Je suis indonesienne et je donne le cours francais le samedi. N'hesitez pas me contacter: bonjour_alin@yahoo.com

  • caroline 06 January 2012 11:06:08

    Hello Philippe,

    I probably won't be there anymore but I can recommend you to great people. let me know!

  • Philippe 03 January 2012 16:21:44

    I'm 50:50 French American living in Paris and moving to Jakarta soon. My 12 year old daughter will join me in July and I am looking for someone who will help her keep her French up (she is fluent) perfecting grammar, spelling and learning literature. Probably 2 lessons a week. Would you be interested or know someone who might?

  • NottheJakartaPost
    NottheJakartaPost 08 August 2011 13:35:13

    Thanks an enjoyable read, though I prefer Jakarta to Bali :-)

    Come see us some time at{


  • welovejakarta
    welovejakarta 03 July 2011 12:56:15

    Love your blog! So lovely and always great to hear about experiences of other expats living in Jakarta! Loved reading your story about your mum's visit and hope you are enjoying more school holidays now!

    Keep writing because we love reading it!

    Hati hati
    Tasha & Treen

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