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A busy life of leisure

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added on 21/12/2010 by: aartigarde
After spending more than a decade working in various companies, I took the opportunity to follow my husband to Vietnam, and become a housewife, with plenty of time to cultivate new interests and renew old ones.
 tags: cooking/baking, cycling, photography, travel, Vietnam

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Another Island, Another Dive  Posted on 11/14/2014
I cannot believe it’s been a year since I went diving, but it is, and our first dive at Nusa Lembongan was enough proof of those skills having rusted. Ostensibly this was to be a dive buddy reunion from our certification group....
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Wait… There’s More  Posted on 10/25/2014
Half a day in London on Monday was not to be let go without taking in some more sights. Big ones at that – London Eye, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace change of guard, and some quick shopping on Oxford Street. They played the...
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A Smashing Sunday ‘Twas  Posted on 10/23/2014
Sunday promised to be as hectic as Saturday, but we found time to play ball with Pepper: Then it was the tube to Camden Lock Market – a place so vibrant that I never wanted to leave. There were hordes: And sights: And...
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A Bloody Good Start to the London Weekend  Posted on 10/22/2014
The transition from countryside to big city came about slowly on the train to London. And the moment we stepped off at Marylebone station, I had the feeling of Mumbai at the enormous station, teeming crowds, black cabs, and the need to...
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Tread boldly in Garden Yonder as Banished is Thy Dog Poo  Posted on 10/15/2014
I had expected all of England to be well-connected by bus and train, but apparently Warwick is not on that map. The best connected town from Warwick is Royal Leamington Spa (which is not really a spa any more), so that’s where I...
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When all seemeth lost, hope shalt not*  Posted on 10/14/2014
It was one of those days when nothing wants to go right. Souvik went to work, and I had a easy morning with a late breakfast, still digesting that enormous roast dinner at Jamie’s the night before. The forecast was cold and wet, and...
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Whilst kings battle history rivers runneth crimson*  Posted on 10/13/2014
If you wanted to have glorious sunshine all the time you should’ve stayed back in Jakarta. In England, you should be thrilled to experience the wet weather, mixed with the cold, freezing your toes, noes, and everything in between. We...
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    gavishal 05 September 2011 05:21:21

    good blog

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