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A busy life of leisure

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added on 21/12/2010 by: aartigarde
After spending more than a decade working in various companies, I took the opportunity to follow my husband to Vietnam, and become a housewife, with plenty of time to cultivate new interests and renew old ones.
 tags: cooking/baking, cycling, photography, travel, Vietnam

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Friday Photo walk: Ramadan prayers  Posted on 07/29/2014
All of Indonesia has been observing Ramadan – the holy month of fasting, so what better place to photograph than the masjid and Friday prayers? I’ve blogged about Masjid Istiqlal before, but this was totally worth it. It is the...
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Sun catcher in my eye  Posted on 07/21/2014
Last week I attempted a new skill – crafting stained glass into pretty objects. My friend Sara is a master craftsman and when she offered to teach me, I was most delighted. The bonus of learning with Sara is that she feeds you all...
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Tour Onrust Island  Posted on 07/16/2014
Not long ago on a warm sunny morning, a bunch of us intrepid study group members embarked on a short voyage to Onrust Island, not too far from Jakarta, amidst the Thousand Islands. The modern history of Onrust goes back to the 17th...
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A Grave Tour…again  Posted on 07/13/2014
My fascination with cemeteries continues, this time with a photo walk in Taman Prasasti Museum, a museum of graves, mostly Europeans who died in Jakarta during the colonial period. Set in a quiet area in the heart of the city, just behind...
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Photo walking into 맛있는 한국 점심 식사 *  Posted on 06/23/2014
Last Friday, we took up Grace on her offer of a Korean cooking demo, and combined our photography session with a Korean lunch. We learnt to make kim-bap Korean rolls, customised to our individual preferences. What you need is a...
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The Grass is Greener  Posted on 06/22/2014
So we’ve moved house. This time the strain of moving got to me a little. Either I’m ageing, or we simply have too much stuff. Fitting things into a smaller house poses a challenge even for the puzzle-inclined type like me....
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Ode to Homes  Posted on 05/28/2014
For someone who craves variety, I get plenty packing and moving. The number of times we’ve moved seems like we don’t pay our bills anywhere, and have to make a run for it! Consequently it’s rare for me to get nostalgic...
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Another walk through Puncak  Posted on 05/18/2014
Hot and humid days, no excursions out of Jakarta, all make a very dull girl! A friend and I got about organising a walk through the tea estates of Puncak, for a well deserved break from the tedium of the city. I’ve done this walk...
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Study Tour to Tanggerang  Posted on 05/16/2014
It’s been forever since I visited my own blog, but with my recent addiction to soap operas, it seemed like there was no time to spend on more ‘intelligent’ stuff. I did go out and explore a fair bit in the interim –...
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Photo Walk Taman Fatahillah  Posted on 04/08/2014
Nothing feels better than a Friday Photo Walk, no matter the heat and dust and all other daily life problems. To Taman Fatahillah last week, I chose to ride the TransJakarta busway from Blok M to Kota. It would be a super way to get around...
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