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28/52  Posted on 07/15/2014
And if you thought i couldn’t get any lazier, I didn’t manage to get any photos except crappy phone pics last week! So here is Maya showing off her drawing and Kiran eating a cake. If you’d like to see some examples of...
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27/52  Posted on 07/15/2014
Ok so as I’m over 2 weeks late with this, I think we’ve given up all pretense that I’m making any effort with this project anymore, but I will continue nonetheless! Here we have a little impromptu outside bath time tea...
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26/52  Posted on 07/03/2014
Maya – rowing a boat down a river infested with crocodiles. Apparently. Kiran – face lit up by the glow from the tablet. I have to hide it from him – he’s too addicted. What do you want to do Kiran? “Playing...
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We grew a chicken! (sad ending)  Posted on 06/26/2014
Made has always had a thing for having lots of animals around. In fact I think it’s a Balinese thing – most family compounds  will be home to a few dogs, a family of chickens and various other creatures. New visitors to...
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25/52  Posted on 06/22/2014
I don’t have a photo of Kiran yet this week but I’m determined not to be late with this one and I’m hardly on the computer at the moment as grandma is here visiting! So I’ll update with Kiran’s photo later....
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24/52  Posted on 06/15/2014
Ok so this week I’m at least posting on Sunday – progress right? Here we have Kiran doing his favourite thing – eating, and Maya demonstrating that unless you want to feel totally inadequate, don’t teach your...
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Adventures in weaning  Posted on 06/12/2014
Kiran had his last breastfeed about a week and a half ago so I think I can say at this point that he’s finally weaned. This was rather overdue – I’d alwaya intended to stop around the 2 year mark (I’m not one of...
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23/52  Posted on 06/09/2014
Ok so I blatantly didn’t get organised last week as I’m a whole day late with posting this again and i didn’t even get the DSLR out this week. So all I have are a couple of phone snaps from the beach – glad we went,...
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Sponsored video – Help a child reach 5  Posted on 06/04/2014
I think this is one of the saddest videos I ever watched: In most western countries, if a young child dies, it’s a horrific tragedy. In many third world countries, however, watching your child die is just a part of normal life for...
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22/52  Posted on 06/03/2014
I’m getting later and later with project 52 and I didn’t even get a decent photo of Kiran on his own. Must try to be more organised this week! The kids entertained themselves for quite some time running up and down chasing the...
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