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The four Bs in Bali

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yum! pandan muffins  Posted on 09/18/2012
One of my top 10 favorite things about living in Asia has to be pandan. i love the green stuff and so do the kiddies. i have been buying pandan cakes and pandan muffins, pandan toasts and other goodies, but then i decided that i better...
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Playdate at Lollipop's  Posted on 09/15/2012
Last week-end we met up with a few mummies and kiddies at Lollipop's in Seminyak. It is an indoor/outdoor playground with lots of activities for the small and bigger kids. Bibs (3yrs old) had a tremendous time, Bobsy (13 months) had a...
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an afternoon at Bali Zoo  Posted on 09/06/2012
I always find zoos controversial. for some it is out of question to see an animal in a cage - for others it's educational and a way to preserve endangered species. i am in the second lot. i really like zoos. of course animals should...
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Shame! Shame on you Ace Hardware Indonesia!  Posted on 09/05/2012
Let me tell you what happened as I visited one of the ace hardware stores in Bali today.my friend had told me that they had received a toy I had been looking for for my little boy and today I decided to make the trip. i get to the store,...
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lunch @ Waroeng Bonita, Seminyak  Posted on 07/10/2012
Not far from home, there is a warung, with a lovely garden and some very good food. a warung (or waroeng) is a family owned business like a restaurant, a cafe or a small shop. the food was really yummy, the service slow - it wasn't...
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"monkey wants to eat my foot!"  Posted on 07/09/2012
We took a small day trip to Ubud last week and of course we went to the monkey forest to feed some monkeys. Bobs had promised Bibs and she was excited about the project... and yes one of the monkeys tried to eat Bibs' foot - well not...
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small flea market in Seminyak  Posted on 06/28/2012
Not far from the entrance to the Oberoi and Seminayk square there is a small market with mostly clothes, a few handicrafts, a little jewelry. obviously you need to bargain, when you ask for a price most tend to be 250K. but they do go...
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kiddies afternoon @ el parque  Posted on 06/26/2012
My friend A. took us (Bibs, Bobsy & myself) to El Parque this afternoon - a lovely kids/family restaurant in Semyniak. this is exactly the type of place that I was longing for in Amman.located in the backstreets of Seminyak, the place...
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from Petitenget to Seminyak square  Posted on 06/16/2012
Walking in Amman wasn't an easy job. walking in Seminyak isn't either. the only difference is that here the roads take you somewhere: to a shop, to a cafe, to a restaurant or to the beach! in Amman, i could walk in my...
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lunch @ coco bistro, discovery mall  Posted on 06/14/2012
I always find it a bit scary to take the kids out when i don't have a car and even more when i don't know where I am going and what's it's going to look like! well yesterday an Australian friend took us to Discovery...
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