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Waiting zones  Posted on 03/16/2014
Mumbai is a crazy city and I love it. I like the bustle and hustle and the noise and the smells, well almost all the smells. I've got very comfortable weaving my way through the people and traffic and enjoying watching and joining in...
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Balloons of Bombay  Posted on 03/10/2014
I've posted on the big balloons before but I'm still not over them. How many balloons are sold in a day? Who is the Balloon Master? Why are the ones in the packets puny specimens? How much would I have to pay to get a genuine big...
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Vintage Point  Posted on 03/09/2014
I'm not a car buff, I categorise cars by simple parameters; "big", "small" and their colour but I do appreciate "pretty" and I stumbled on a whole heap of pretty parked up at Kala Ghoda. Just sitting...
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The Pantry and a personal gripe.  Posted on 02/16/2014
Pomegranates are delicious and this season has been the best I remember. On a visit to The Pantry off Kala Ghoda, in a little lane just to the side of Fab India I found the best pomegranate drink ever. Pomegranate and sweet lime.The Pantry...
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Why shopkeepers hate me.  Posted on 02/15/2014
I love shops and markets. I'm a happy rummager. I'm a terrible shopper. I like to look, prod, poke and photograph things but I hardly ever buy them. Shopkeepers do not like me.With the exception of cushions and books I don't...
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Bollywood Abridged  Posted on 02/14/2014
Film posters are found all over the place. Any relatively flat surface will do, although sometimes it takes a bit of ingenuity on the part of the poster pasters to cover irregular surfaces and sizes. A case in point, here's the poster...
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Kala Ghoda 2014  Posted on 02/13/2014
A three month break is just too long.I got out of the habit of taking pictures, or I got too precious about it. The light is wrong, it's too busy, it's too quiet, it's too early or too late. One way or the other I spent too...
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Getting fruity  Posted on 11/17/2013
Well, I've been a bad blogger, no new posts for far too long. I haven't been taking my camera out enough, hell I haven't been taking myself, out enough. So in celebration of November, when the strawberries come into season,...
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Splash  Posted on 09/29/2013
I went to a swim meet this weekend in my role as my workplace's Official -Unofficial photographer. It's an easy role to fall into, first you take your camera with you because you think it will be fun, then you share your pictures...
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Dance Lessons  Posted on 09/28/2013
I don't dance much, really I have little sense of rhythm but I also have no fear of making an absolute fool of myself by giving things a go. Hence I found myself wrapped in a saree learning Garba/Dandiya dancing, I suppose it could be...
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  • amasc
    amasc 30 June 2012 03:40:48

    You will have to check with the Visa Office, http://in.vfsglobal.co.uk/aboutyourvisas.html
    My understanding is that you can get a visa for a year but your maximum stay can only be for 6 months so you have to leave and come back in again (Sri Lankan side trip?). I'd love the luxury of not having to work for a year, let me know how it works out.
    If you're near Edinburgh the visa admin office on Rose Street might be able to talk you through the process.

  • ScottishSmiles
    ScottishSmiles 24 June 2012 15:28:42

    Hi, enjoyed your blog. Am thinking of staying in India for min of 1 year - as a tourist and no intention of working! Do you envisage any problems with visas for this length of time? Cheers

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