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Fantastic wedding  Posted on 07/20/2014
We spent yesterday at a fantastic wedding...the weather was fantasticthe bride looked fantasticthe groom looked fantastically happy all daythe food was fantasticit was one of those totally fantastic days some of the moments ....family...
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Summer evenings in pastel colours  Posted on 07/19/2014
Summer is here and it just seems to get better and better.....warmer and warmerwater is actually enjoyableevenings are long and it seems like everybody is spending them outside...walks along the shore is a mustturned out to be our new...
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My own little piece of Provence  Posted on 07/16/2014
I love my lavender ! they are just gorgeous outside my kitchen windowssmells so good....the insects love it.....I always touch them with my hands every time I walk bytomorrow I'm going to pick some to hang inside to dryI want to make...
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Remember I was expecting ?  Posted on 07/16/2014
Do you remember that I was expecting ? ever since my best friend came with these wonderful plants newly planted...and now ....somehow it seems like I did have green fingers...the squash is so big and the beans are coming along just fineand...
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What to do when it's raining cats and dogs  Posted on 07/14/2014
Today has been a rainy day...a really rainy day.....what to do ?why not make some strawberry and rhubarb jam.....it's the last of the strawberries I tell you....season is over.....so easy and so good...I forgot to show that I do put...
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Back in my friends lovely garden  Posted on 07/13/2014
And as always I saw new things of course I want to show you some picturesbut since it's sunday and you are all just laying around doing nothing !?I decided to make a picture quiz for youcan you see what the close ups really are ?ready...
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50 shades of grey  Posted on 07/12/2014
Did you think I meant the book ?haha, fooled ya'I haven't even read the book....maybe I should ?but this has got to be 50 shades of greyfound them here .....cheerio...it's time for some Södra Munkarp Mojitos
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Biggest waves ever  Posted on 07/12/2014
Last night we just had to go down and get into the waves againI don't think I have ever seen this big waves ever in Sweden beforeit was also high tide and a full moonso in jumped two lifeguards and two girls and they had so much...
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I saved an old lady from drowning today !  Posted on 07/11/2014
Treacherous waves and dangerous currents seems to be something that not everyone is aware offand now that I think of it I haven't heard any warnings either they talk about how warm or cold the water is but never about the currents and...
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these guys say good morning  Posted on 07/11/2014
Every morning these swallows sing and chirpguess they enjoy the old dead treesso small and so fast and together they make a pretty good quirebut it's so much better to listen to them instead of the flying pigs....the doves that is...
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  • friendshipisforever
    friendshipisforever 08 April 2014 17:38:41

    lovely exploration of the true beautifull india..:-)

  • E Abaci
    E Abaci 21 January 2014 15:21:45

    You're a cheat Susanna. Shame on you.

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