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Guess what kind of workout I did today ?  Posted on 07/29/2014
Yes you're right....triathlon....first time everbut I did the running first and I did go home and changed into my swimsuit before diving in at the platformand I just rode the bike....remember I'm an old lady so I need the brakes...
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trolls or just hairy rocks  Posted on 07/28/2014
It's so warm that the rocks in the sea are growing hairgreen hair....in ancient times they thought that rocks like this where trollsbut they're not it's just rocks in hot summer weatherat around 8.30 last night we went to...
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home grown veggies are the best  Posted on 07/28/2014
It's the best feeling ever to be able to pick my own homegrown vegetables for dinner...in my own backyard...yesterday I wanted some squash, beans and some tomatoes...I also have some cocktail tomatoes...that's what I picked...but...
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a day in charming Copenhagen  Posted on 07/27/2014
Yesterday was spent in charming Copenhagen....I totally love Copenhagenit's such a charming city good food, good shopping, good beer and nice peopleof course we had to have lunch in Nyhavn...this is Copenhagen in a nutshell.....so if...
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Lazy hot summer days  Posted on 07/25/2014
Since the weather is as it is there's nothing else to do than toride the bike to my favourite spot on the beach....because who wants to stay inside and clean house ......I ride over a small bridge and this little creek runs...
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Healthy snack and  Posted on 07/24/2014
This has got to be what we mean by quality of life...coming home from the beach and walking out into the back of the house to pick these...sun warm raspberries.....tastes so good....better get a bowl.....a couple of minutes later I have...
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wow ! what a birthday cake !  Posted on 07/23/2014
Look at this incredible birthday cake my sons girlfriend made for him todayand it not only looked good...it tasted heavenlyso chocolatyyummmmmmmmy
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Timbuktu at Sövde amphitheater !  Posted on 07/23/2014
Last night I was invited to go to the Timbuktu concert at Sövde amphitheater..... lucky me....too bad for the guy who got sick !it was such a great eveninggood food and great companyand the concert was awesomeso many people in this...
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Hörte Brygg o Jäsgård...worth a visit !  Posted on 07/22/2014
Last night we went to Hörte Brygg o Jäsgård to eat....it was so nicea different concept worth tryingthe food was excellentand the guy running it was so niceso if you are out driving around Abbekås....take a trip to...
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Fantastic wedding  Posted on 07/20/2014
We spent yesterday at a fantastic wedding...the weather was fantasticthe bride looked fantasticthe groom looked fantastically happy all daythe food was fantasticit was one of those totally fantastic days some of the moments ....family...
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  • friendshipisforever
    friendshipisforever 08 April 2014 17:38:41

    lovely exploration of the true beautifull india..:-)

  • E Abaci
    E Abaci 21 January 2014 15:21:45

    You're a cheat Susanna. Shame on you.

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