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added on 24/10/2013 by: leojosh
The name itself defines journey to my blog. It provides information regarding travel,destinations,tips and holiday destinations etc.As blog is specific to travel most of the travellers may find it useful.
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How To Travel Safely To Bahrain  Posted on 10/03/2014
You may be one of those individuals who’s blameworthy of attempting to bring everything at whatever point I travel, nearby or globally. I wind up jumbling my gear with abundance stuff. Indeed my exercise center pack is substantial...
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How to Choose Your College Based on Your City  Posted on 09/22/2014
Travelling around the different places and finding the required information is quiet difficult task. Later on finding or gathering  the irrelevant information which is not necessary as per the task even after such a hard work will be...
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Incredible Places to Visit in Sri Lanka  Posted on 08/29/2014
Sri Lanka is referred as one of the best places on earth with respect to historical and adventurous locations. The following are such incredible places that one must see in their visit to Sri Lanka: St.Clair waterfalls of Sri Lanka Need to...
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5 Fabulous Travel Destinations of Australia  Posted on 08/14/2014
Australia, the land Down Under, is one of the most popular destination that travelers love to visit. Country offers splendorous of nature and gifted with unique wildlife. Those who are planning to visit great southern hemisphere getaway,...
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Shop for best brands before you Travel  Posted on 07/21/2014
 Travelling around provides you fun. Shop for the  best brands before you travel. This makes you look attractive and smart looking .It also engages with on-going lifestyle trends. Shopping for best brands involves huge cost. Here...
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Volkswagen cars – People’s Cars  Posted on 06/26/2014
Volkswagen cars – People’s Cars Volkswagen is the biggest automaker in Germany and has been a part of the automobile industry for over 75 years. Founded in 1937, the automaker withstood the Nazi reign and the Second World War...
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5 things to do in UK  Posted on 06/20/2014
Today, visitors consider tourist destinations with beautiful beaches and breathtaking landscapes. Most tourists have shifted their focus on destinations through which they can also have a learning experience. At the same time, most...
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Travel Destinations and Casino Hotels in Turkey  Posted on 06/12/2014
When people go on holiday, they are more likely to do things they wouldn’t do at home, with gambling at a casino at the top of the list. But for those planning an upcoming trip to Turkey, casino gambling isn’t an option, as it...
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Top spots in Turkey For Summer Vacations.  Posted on 06/05/2014
A remarkable summer objective, Turkey. Occasions to Turkey are ideal for the happy go lucky swarm with a buzzing air and non-stop nightlife. On the off chance that it is sandy shores then you are after the east of the Lycian district where...
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Must-See-Live: Events for Every Tennis Enthusiast  Posted on 04/18/2014
Tennis fans must attend some live events to watch their favorite players in action, not just for the game, but for the whole experience!  The following lists cover some of the most popular tennis events in North America.  U.S....
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  • Micky Fernandez
    Micky Fernandez 29 November 2013 10:34:42

    I read your 7 Tips post triptomyblog.com/7-tips-to-keep-your-tummy-safe-when-travelling-in-south-east-asia/ and wanted to comment on it, but it required me to long on to WordPress. I see that you used to be on Google , so I decided to leave a message here.
    I wanted to ask you about the 7(?) tips: I could not see them. It seemed as if they were on the picture, but it was IMPOSSIBLE to read it.
    Also, I do like your blog and I would like it even more if you got rid of that ANNOYING bird.

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