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A Paris  Posted on 11/15/2015
I took this photo 5 years ago, looking out over a city of art, of culture, and of beauty. Of broad, tree-lined boulevards and cobbled alleys. A city of champagne and steak tartar. Of royal palaces and republican monuments. Of Dumas, Hugo,...
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Expat, or Immigrant?  Posted on 09/26/2015
There has been a lot of discussion recently, in light of events in Europe, over when an immigrant becomes a refugee. And most people seem to agree that there is an element of choice in being the former, but not the latter. It might not...
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Ferry ‘Cross the Harbour  Posted on 09/01/2015
The buzzer goes, the gates creak open and you rush (no matter how quiet it is, you rush…) down the gangplank. There’s a high-pitched squeal as the ferry rubs against the dock. Ropes tighten and groan. Once on board you...
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A Different Continent  Posted on 08/27/2015
Recently I took my first holiday in Europe for 4 years (excluding visits back to the UK – which aren’t like holidays, more whistle-stop tours of everyone I know). And though this blog usually focuses on...
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Travels in Asia Part 3 – The Mainland  Posted on 06/24/2015
Like a barnacle clinging on to the belly of the Kraken, Hong Kong is dwarfed in every imaginable way by China – physically, culturally, politically, populationally (?) Just look us up on a map – we are a ragged mole...
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Yau Lohk!!  Posted on 05/31/2015
A few weeks ago, I paid tribute to a classic mode of Hong Kong transport – the tram. Dinging its way across the island for over a hundred years. A national institution, if you will. Unfortunately, I rarely take the tram. I...
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