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i got invited to a chinese wedding!  Posted on 05/23/2013
Hey hey hey! so last week i got invited to a chinese wedding (i'm fancy) and i was all hype to go- weddings mean tons of good things right? food, alcohol, pictures, cake, alcohol... ya know, all the stuff we in the west love to...
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china brings out the kid in me!  Posted on 05/11/2013
Hello loves!it is officially spring in china and i am SO happy that my apartment is cozy and no longer the ice box it was for the past month. so there is this phenomenon going on in china that strikes both fear and anger into the hearts of...
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bustlin' around beijing  Posted on 04/26/2013
Hey loves!so this week i went to beijing and i'm happy to report that: 1- i did not almost get deported. 2- i got a chance to climb the great wall. 3- i had the time of my life. so basically, it was everything that shanghai was not,...
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the tale of the frozen wonton  Posted on 04/02/2013
Howdy!i hope you are warmer than i am right now. in fact, unless you are living in siberia or antarctica, i know you are. that is because the heat to my apartment has been cut off for "spring". i am now sitting in my room with 1...
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gossip, gossip, shut up, just stop it!  Posted on 03/28/2013
Hey ya'll! i find myself posting at the weirdest hours in the morning. it's been months, yet my body still thinks it's on america time. it's not unusual for me to be up until 5-6am (true story, insomnia is a horrid...
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no country for hurt feelings...  Posted on 03/21/2013
Howdy! i decided to write this post for my fellow expats, backpackers, wanderers and those who are living far away from their family and friends. i want to talk about the confusion, frustration and anger that can consume you when you would...
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Shanghai & Sh*t pt 3  Posted on 03/17/2013
Hello :-)nice to see everyone's back here to come and read about my travel struggle extraordinaire.where was i? oh yea... i was all like:after i was told i could be homeless in china and then, deported if the police caught me with my...
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hairy scary  Posted on 02/21/2013
Hey loves!i am still working on Shanghai & Sh*t pt. 3 but until then, i thought i'd address something else very problematic in my china adventure: my hair. see i have A LOT of hair and it's not the 'wash and go'...
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Shanghai & Sh*t pt 2  Posted on 02/18/2013
Hello there beautiful :-) did ya'll miss me?!i can't even tell you the journey i have had in this land called china. whew. ok, where should i start? mmmm i think it would be best to do a countdown....perhaps it will curb my...
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