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Nyerded at 6: Adobe Ideas  Posted on 08/10/2014
Another portrait created with Adobe Ideas. The app is super simple to use and I keep discovering new tools each time I play with it. The post Nyerded at 6: Adobe Ideas appeared first on Wapi Ndizi yangu!.
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Drawing: Adobe ideas  Posted on 08/08/2014
Recently I discovered a great tablet/phone application by adobe called "Adobe Ideas". Its a vector drawing tool that allows you to sketch or draw up ideas. I love it. I started playing with it this week. The post Drawing: Adobe...
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Nairobi Street Art  Posted on 05/17/2014
I was quite intrigued by this man and his jacket. Unfortunately I am shy in public and didn't bother the guy to find out what it was all about. But the drawing was nice. Lovely Nairobi street art.:) The post Nairobi Street Art...
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Rally Cars Workshop – Textures  Posted on 05/14/2014
I spent part of an afternoon sitting in an off the road almost in the bush mechanic's workshop. This particular workshop specializes in rally cars. The post Rally Cars Workshop – Textures appeared first on Wapi Ndizi yangu!.
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AssAssNat!on!  Posted on 05/10/2014
Jon Pen de Ngong, an independant journalist from South Sudan, is currently working on his next book of poems called AssAssNat!ion!. The post AssAssNat!on! appeared first on Wapi Ndizi yangu!.
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The Acacia Tree Meme  Posted on 05/09/2014
Over at "Africa is a Country", they have a post about western book covers for African writers: The Dangers of a Single Book Cover: The Acacia Tree Meme and “African literature” The post The Acacia Tree Meme appeared...
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Kenya Blog Awards 2014 – BAKE  Posted on 05/09/2014
Client: BAKE Project: Kenya Blog Awards Brief: Design logo and produce a series of promotional and branded items for the 2014 Kenya Blog Awards. Logo:   Web Banners: Invitation Card:     Winners Badge for website:...
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izvipi.com  Posted on 05/08/2014
The launch of izvipi.com The post izvipi.com appeared first on Wapi Ndizi yangu!.
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Panâh  Posted on 05/07/2014
Panâh is a fashion production house that provides consulting, sourcing, and manufacturing services for global and emerging African fashion brands. Panâh production house is situated in Jamhuri Park. The post Panâh...
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Mari’s Bakery  Posted on 05/05/2014
Client: Mari’s Bakery Project: Logo Design Breif: “I need a logo that shows I sell cakes but can reflect a palace or tiara or something those lines”. I just finished this project for Mari’s Bakery.  It was...
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