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Markerpen Portraits  Posted on 10/12/2015
I started playing with a marker pen last month and have been posting a series of portraits to instagram.  These are a collection of some of my September/October submissions.  Some are actual subjects while a...
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Alien Elf  Posted on 07/31/2015
I was slightly bored with the Friday. Also saw a few posts today about composite images and other things like that so felt inspired. Took a drawing my son made, tried to flesh it out and then made a strange garden scene to set it in. Like...
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Marginal Kenya – A parady  Posted on 05/29/2015
These were made during some very heavy flooding and traffic snarlups that were shutting down this city under the sun. The post Marginal Kenya – A parady appeared first on Wapi Ndizi yangu!.
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#147NotJustANumber  Posted on 04/05/2015
Our tears, prayers, and heartfelt grief are given for those whose lives were taken. The post #147NotJustANumber appeared first on Wapi Ndizi yangu!.
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CraftAfrika.org  Posted on 02/25/2015
In 2012 I started working on an enterprise with a colleague called CraftAfrika. My primary contribution has been design and some behind the scenes support. The post CraftAfrika.org appeared first on Wapi Ndizi yangu!.
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Internet Freedom  Posted on 02/23/2015
January 18th was Internet Freedom day. These are the designs I submitted for that activity. The post Internet Freedom appeared first on Wapi Ndizi yangu!.
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Barrel of the Gun  Posted on 02/22/2015
The guns were pointed at my head. "This is no joke, let go of the phone". Eight, maybe ten men crowded around me, appearing out of nowhere in the darkness to relieve me of any valuables I might have. The post Barrel of the Gun...
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The Law and Internet in Kenya  Posted on 02/20/2015
BAKE is hosting a meeting on issues of the Law and the internet in Kenya. This is the poster design I put together for that effort. The post The Law and Internet in Kenya appeared first on Wapi Ndizi yangu!.
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Feb 6th – Bob Marley’s Birthday  Posted on 02/07/2015
When I was 16 I subscribed to a club that let one buy all sorts of music CDs for extremely cheap as long as over the course of the year several more were purchased at full price. I chose a few Bob Marley albums among others. The post Feb...
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MugabeFalls Meme  Posted on 02/05/2015
Is it because we hardly see any other image of African leaders in motion or is it just because of who this particular leader is? #MugabeFalls  The post MugabeFalls Meme appeared first on Wapi Ndizi yangu!.
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