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We can be (British) heroes  Posted on 11/10/2014
A reminder, whilst we are celebrating the 'British Schindler' Sir Nicolas Winton, who saved 669 mainly Jewish children from Czechoslovakia in 1939, that actually saving so many lives is entirely achievable for the average person...
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Let them drown  Posted on 10/17/2014
3,000 people have drowned already this year trying to cross the Mediterranean to the EU, in pursuit of a better life. It is official UK government policy to not try and rescue such people, because that would only encourage others. I...
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Good news from South Sudan  Posted on 09/27/2014
Charlie Goldsmith emails with updates on the Girl's Education South Sudan project:"Our majority-South Sudanese team are proud that South Sudan, which has been so beset by trouble in the last year, has the chance to show positive...
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This is why I don't care about climate change  Posted on 07/15/2014
Well, not "don't care at all", but, you know, not as much as about poverty and development. Stefan Dercon puts it better than I ever have:Poverty reduction tends to be strongly linked to economic growth, but growth impacts...
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How not to improve education in India  Posted on 06/27/2014
Some great analysis from MINT who highlight a new Government of India report, which ranks state education "outcomes".What is odd is that the government rank has a negative correlation with the rankings of the Pratham report which...
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Don't shit on your own doorstep  Posted on 06/12/2014
I was talking to a water and sanitation programme manager a few weeks ago, who seemed frustrated that these stupid people kept crapping everywhere. Why would you shit on your own doorstep? The programme had several "behaviour...
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Why governments don't like private schools?  Posted on 06/03/2014
Here are a few excerpts from the new textbook delivered to millions of primary school children in Venezuela:1. The first page of each [book] starts with the words “Hugo Chavez: Supreme Commander of the Bolivarian Revolution.”...
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Does growth always depend on natural resources?  Posted on 05/28/2014
George Monbiot writes:"Economic growth is an artefact of the use of fossil fuels."Is this right? Actually most economists think that growth is driven by ideas and innovation not raw inputs. This 3 minute video by Deidre McCloskey...
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  • am4a 29 January 2011 17:27:51

    just cannot wait to see the outcome of the referendum.

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