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Do teachers skip class because of low pay?  Posted on 04/15/2014
Teacher absenteeism is a huge problem in developing countries, wasting up to a quarter of all spending on primary education in developing countries.The 2014 Education for All Global Monitoring Report, which was launched in London last...
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What do development economists do?  Posted on 04/01/2014
A series of youtube interviews profiling the careers of 6 development economists; Angela Ambroz (IGC, former ODI fellow & JPAL), Luca Pellerano (OPM and IFS), Peter D'Souza (DFID), Sarah Lilley (Save the Children), Henry Mphwanthe...
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The new childcare subsidy in the UK  Posted on 03/18/2014
The IFS:"Today’s announcements indicate that the Government’s main motive is to help parents move into work. As we pointed out in the IFS 2014 Green Budget, we know remarkably little about the impact of the policies to...
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Development as... a better postal service  Posted on 03/07/2014
Francis from Oregon writes:"I am a young postcard collector working on a geography project. For this project, I would really love a postcard from Sudan or South Sudan. Do you know of anyone who would be happy to send me one? I would...
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Coach Zoran and his African Tigers  Posted on 03/04/2014
A new documentary, about the first ever manager of the first ever South Sudanese national football team. His name is Zoran, and he swears like a trooper. It's an entertaining story, filmed in 2012 and set against the backdrop of some...
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Development as... no measurable increase in happiness  Posted on 02/27/2014
Recent Chinese economic growth has led to half a billion people being lifted out of poverty, without doubt just an amazing wonderful story. The poverty rate halved in just over a decade. Human development - measuring not just income but...
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  • am4a 29 January 2011 17:27:51

    just cannot wait to see the outcome of the referendum.

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