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The IMF and Ebola  Posted on 01/07/2015
The debate rumbles on at the Monkey Cage, as Blattman responds to the response by the authors of the Lancet article to his response to their article. I find the debate mostly quite infuriating. To massively oversimplify, what tends to...
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Standing desks  Posted on 01/07/2015
Because all the other cool development bloggers are blogging about standing desks and back-pain, I thought I would share mine here. This was a present from Abhijeet and I use it a lot - it's lightweight aluminium, just about fits in a...
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Green Party are "Dotty Parochial Fruitcakes"  Posted on 01/03/2015
Bagehot, the column on Britain in the Economist magazine, says the Green Party of England & Wales have no grasp of economics and are fruitcakes, "dottier than UKIP," for backing a basic income policy. The same basic income...
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My New Year's Resolutions  Posted on 01/02/2015
All come from the School of Life:"Any occasion to improve ourselves should be seized upon. We need resolutions: they are promises we make to our better selves. In the future, we should try to worry less, forgive more, look at things...
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UK teacher unions as legal insurance  Posted on 11/28/2014
Richard Murphy of the University of Texas confirms something that a teacher told me in person just last year - teachers in the UK only join unions because it provides legal insurance in the event of getting sued. This paper identifies the...
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Learning goals  Posted on 11/28/2014
Nic Spaull makes the case for one simple learning goal for South Africa:“Every child must read and write by the end of grade three.”I think he is absolutely right. You hear often from international education types that we must...
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Why be a consultant (with Mokoro)?  Posted on 11/15/2014
"Martin Adams never set out to be a consultant, but found himself stuck in an office job and so decided to go freelance ‘in places where I wanted to be and with people I liked.’ For him, this is the most rewarding part of...
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We can be (British) heroes  Posted on 11/10/2014
A reminder, whilst we are celebrating the 'British Schindler' Sir Nicolas Winton, who saved 669 mainly Jewish children from Czechoslovakia in 1939, that actually saving so many lives is entirely achievable for the average person...
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Let them drown  Posted on 10/17/2014
3,000 people have drowned already this year trying to cross the Mediterranean to the EU, in pursuit of a better life. It is official UK government policy to not try and rescue such people, because that would only encourage others. I...
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  • am4a 29 January 2011 17:27:51

    just cannot wait to see the outcome of the referendum.

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