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added on 15/05/2011 by: 6000
A wry look at everything South African, some things British and occasionally some other stuff too. Nothing is sacred, save for Castle Milk Stout.
 tags: cape town, fun, honest opinion, parenting, photography

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The best way to keep your word…  Posted on 01/26/2015
…is not to give it. And yesterday, I did promise an end to the short blog posts and a return to something of normality. And then today happened. Today wasn’t great. Today was very busy and full of people letting me down left,...
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Last shortie  Posted on 01/25/2015
Apologies for the paucity of verbiage on here lately. I’ve been busy, it’s been withering hot, and until today, we had no Internet at home. The latter was fixed today (a Sunday, nogal) by Telkom engineers toiling through the...
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Warmth  Posted on 01/24/2015
It was one of those ridiculously hot days in Cape Town today. Mid 30’s or higher. I wilt in that sort of heat. Still, after an amazing braai with friends in Somerset West, we’re now back in Cape Town and it’s beginning to...
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Night out  Posted on 01/23/2015
It turns out that it’s been exactly 11 years since I moved to this crazy country. We went out and ate big bits of cow to celebrate. It was good. More? Tomorrow.
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How to get Whatsapp on your desktop  Posted on 01/22/2015
Yes. Whatsapp is now available for your desktop (on Chrome, anyway). You can write message on your phone or your PC and everything is all automatically synced across all your devices. Look Mum! I’m doing it now! There are a few...
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Everlasting Light  Posted on 01/21/2015
More from Dry The River, who announced a mini UK tour last night, a couple of months or less too late for me to see any of their performances. To Youtube then, and this video of the boys being flung around a gym by some female judoistas....
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Cape Town 2015 Loadshedding Schedule  Posted on 01/20/2015
The City of Cape Town has released its new “improved”, fairer loadshedding schedule, which is applicable from 1st February (until then: click here). Rather than running on 7 day ‘days of the week’ timetables,...
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Fibonacci Zoetrope Sculptures are trippy  Posted on 01/20/2015
This is a bit complicated – so much so that I don’t really understand exactly what’s going on (although we’ve done zoetropes and Finonacci sprials on the blog before). All I know is that it’s all to do with...
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What a difference a year makes…  Posted on 01/20/2015
…52 little weeks. On 20th January last year, South Africa woke up to read what our Sports Minister had said about the national football team’s defeat the previous evening: “The mediocrity we saw yesterday is disgraceful....
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James Blunt to Chris Bryant  Posted on 01/19/2015
It’s open letter time again… 2015 is election year in the UK and it’s going to be awfully tight. The politicians, lawd bless ‘em, will stop at nothing to get an extra few votes in the bag. However, with retrospect,...
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  • Dave 25 January 2012 20:26:32

    Helped me out no end when I moved to SA.Thoroughly recommend his honest opinions and no nonsense approach.

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