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added on 15/05/2011 by: 6000
A wry look at everything South African, some things British and occasionally some other stuff too. Nothing is sacred, save for Castle Milk Stout.
 tags: cape town, fun, honest opinion, parenting, photography

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Sounds like a melody  Posted on 09/02/2014
This song has been an irritating earworm for me for the past week or so and I’ve actually no idea why. Yes, we’re looking at the cream of Deutsche electrosyth-pop here, albeit upon their return to the limelight (as witness...
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A Horrible Story  Posted on 09/01/2014
Gaza, Iraq, ISIS, Syria, Ebola, Ukraine, Ferguson, most MH flight codes: we’ve been bombarded with bad news for the past few weeks. And yet still nothing quite prepared me for what I read yesterday in the Newcastle Chronicle (or...
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It’s coming…  Posted on 08/31/2014
Signs like this one have appeared all over Claremont and Newlands in Cape Town: Some of them also bear the legend “Plan your route”. That’s all well and good as far as advice goes, but until they tell us exactly where and...
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Sky Shot  Posted on 08/30/2014
This photo, shared by the Isle of Man Tourism Facebook page is of the Milky Way over the Calf of Man: Photo by Brook Wassall: see more of his Manx stuff here. The red light is Thousla rock, which has a small lighthouse on it, because it...
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Quick PSA  Posted on 08/29/2014
This Parenting Service Announcement is brought to you by me having no time to bring anything else to you. This is from the excellent @TwopTwips twitter account, via The Poke. This also goes for getting a dog. I speak from bitter,...
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Europe’s stereotypical billionaires  Posted on 08/28/2014
Here’s a map of Europe, labelled with the richest person in each country (via i100). And, given the integrated global economy, it’s actually a whole lot more stereotypical than you might imagine. In many cases, the first...
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Things your kids need to grow out of  Posted on 08/27/2014
We’re lucky parents. [Through a combination of hard work, dedication, sacrifice, communication, compromise and understanding] We have two generally very well-behaved children. That said, I still recognise several of these things...
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A tale of two… Uniteds  Posted on 08/27/2014
Last night’s Carling Cup action brought shocks galore – if by ‘galore’ you count four Premiership teams falling to lower league opposition. The big one for most people was the hilarious 4-0 drubbing of Manchester...
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Dry The River  Posted on 08/26/2014
If, when he left this comment, Jon Liddle was attempting to generate some sort of interest in his son’s band’s new album, well then, he’s succeeded. I’ve had a quick wander through their back catalogue and –...
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MOAR ICELAND!  Posted on 08/25/2014
We like Iceland here on 6000 miles… – you only have to look at our extensive Iceland section to see that. Now, you’d do well to remember that Iceland is the best place in the world to be if you want to take...
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  • Dave 25 January 2012 20:26:32

    Helped me out no end when I moved to SA.Thoroughly recommend his honest opinions and no nonsense approach.

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