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added on 15/05/2011 by: 6000
A wry look at everything South African, some things British and occasionally some other stuff too. Nothing is sacred, save for Castle Milk Stout.
 tags: cape town, fun, honest opinion, parenting, photography

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Scientific breakthroughs reimagined for twitter  Posted on 07/24/2014
A Guardian piece suggests how historic scientific breakthroughs would have been reported were twitter around at the time. Most aren’t really very good, but this one amused me: Yes, very good. The rest just seem to be Facebook style...
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AP ‘crash lands’ missing comma error  Posted on 07/23/2014
Punctuation matters: punctuation, matters. The official Associated Press twitter account just tweeted this: to their 3.54 million followers, when what they actually meant was this: Dutch military plane [comma] carrying bodies from Malaysia...
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Sharing is caring  Posted on 07/23/2014
You know that, right? I was talking about Facebook (and bubonic plague, but that’s not important right now) earlier today, and I feel that it’s important that I bring another positive change to the blog to your attention...
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It wasn’t me…  Posted on 07/23/2014
Incoming, this message on the 6000.co.za Facebook page: Thought of you immediately! Now, usually, I would be flattered to be thought of immediately on many occasions; it’s nice to be at the forefront of people’s minds....
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Invisible Light  Posted on 07/22/2014
I know – it seems almost implausibly oxymoronic, doesn’t it? It’s the falling tree in a deserted forest conundrum kind of thing. What is light if you can’t see it? Australian artist/photographer Brendan Fitzpatrick...
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Prison  Posted on 07/21/2014
John Oliver – what a genius. I’m not posting much at the moment, but I am posting this: If you can watch the whole thing, do. It’s damning stuff. Yes, it’s one side of the story, but it’s compelling and...
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Another day  Posted on 07/21/2014
Another day without a post, albeit not really a day without a post, but rather a daytime without a post. I have so many things waiting to be posted, but seemingly no time in which to post them. And because these are things that I want to...
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Pain  Posted on 07/20/2014
So many plans for blog posts and they’ve all been shelved because I played football today for the first time in 18 months (remember this?). The football was fun, and I think I did ok, considering the length of time it had been since...
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Project Colin begins  Posted on 07/19/2014
For years I’ve managed to resist the demands of my wife. Most specifically, the demand where she wants a dog, that is. But like the gradual erosion of the solid and steadfast rocks by the cold, relentless ocean, I have apparently...
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Well, this is awkward…  Posted on 07/18/2014
When the Google ads on your blog post blatantly and unashamedly disagree with said blog post: “Quality Cruises to Antarctica Amazing Wildlife and Scenery” Yep. Also (with equally unacceptable grammar): “Free Penguins...
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  • Dave 25 January 2012 20:26:32

    Helped me out no end when I moved to SA.Thoroughly recommend his honest opinions and no nonsense approach.

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