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added on 15/05/2011 by: 6000
A wry look at everything South African, some things British and occasionally some other stuff too. Nothing is sacred, save for Castle Milk Stout.
 tags: cape town, fun, honest opinion, parenting, photography

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(I had this) Thing of Beauty  Posted on 05/23/2015
Nemone’s Electric Ladyland show on BBC Radio 6 a couple of weeks ago featured the Kraak and Smaak remix of Royksopp’s I Had This Thing. I was transfixed for the whole 8 minutes. Wonderful. Click that big orange dot,...
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Alan Woodward  Posted on 05/22/2015
I’ve just heard the sad news that Sheffield United legend Alan Woodward has died at his home in the US aged 68. Alan made an incredible 640 appearances for the Blades over 14 years and remains the Blades’ second...
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Volcano photos  Posted on 05/22/2015
More great photography from someone else. Previously, we have deduced that to take great landscape photos, you need to be in Iceland. Now we learn that to take great volcano photos, you need to be in Guatemala, more specifically 3600m...
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An excellent Flickr account to visit  Posted on 05/21/2015
No. It’s not mine. Incoming from the etv guy: Have you seen this? And a link to a photo on HiltonT’s photostream. For the record, this was the photo in question, and no, I hadn’t seen it: Apparently, it’s a regatta...
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Beagles love carrots  Posted on 05/21/2015
Of course they do. Anything with big ears loves carrots: rabbits (infamously), elephants, other… stuff with big ears. Here’s a video of a beagle pup “mesmerized by flying carrots”:...
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A nice video  Posted on 05/20/2015
Because I’ve been busy with many other things, and South Africa has been busy with talking about e-tolls, I haven’t got round to blogging until now. And even now, I don’t have a huge amount of time to blog. So have a...
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Indicate when turning  Posted on 05/19/2015
A new addition to the signposts on the approach to the Kildare Rd mini traffic circle (traffic mini circle?) in Newlands instructs drivers that it would probably help those around them if they “indicate when turning”. Now,...
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Short  Posted on 05/19/2015
A quick post about our current predicaments: There’s not enough electricity to go around. This is actually very old news, although South Africans continue to complain about it while doing nothing to save the damn stuff when they have...
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H58 is coming  Posted on 05/18/2015
Well, in fact, H58 is already here. And it’s going to kill you. Let’s take a step back for just  a moment here though. And let’s consider Ebola, which is something else that kills you a lot. The (probably a little...
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Long Beach  Posted on 05/17/2015
Cape Town in autumn is a wonderful place to be. Sometimes, anyway. This morning was one of those times as Long Beach in Noordhoek revealed itself from the early mist during our pre-breakfast exercise. The spring tides of two weeks ago have...
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  • Dave 25 January 2012 20:26:32

    Helped me out no end when I moved to SA.Thoroughly recommend his honest opinions and no nonsense approach.

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