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The End Of The Dragon  Posted on 01/09/2013
I don't know about you but I just can't believe how time flies. It really did!We've been here in Lagos, Nigeria, for about 1 1/2 yrs now. That was fast. It was not an easy ride. Culture shock. Making and losing friends....
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One Cat Two Cats  Posted on 10/15/2012
When people say dogs are man's best friend, they don't lie. In my case, a cat is a man's best friend.I never knew how painful it is to lose someone you love dearly until it happened to you. Our male cat, Tikka, passed away...
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I've Caught The Bug. Agege Bug.  Posted on 08/28/2012
I can't help giggling writing this post. Caught a glimpse of my neighbor out the window, buying Agege by the roadside as she was walking one of her son to school this morning. Wait, be patient, i'll explain to you what the hell...
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La Vida Lagos  Posted on 08/27/2012
I cannot say my life here in Lagos is, well, boring. Those who have been here, should know what I'm talking about. For those who have not been here and may be here for an assignment, get ready! Do not listen to all those bad stories...
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I Don't Want To Go Back To School!  Posted on 08/14/2012
Yes, I've been hearing that lately. All the moans and groans about going back to school. "No! I don't want to go back to school!" our two boys would say to me. Guess what kids? You WILL have to go back to school. You...
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Back Oh Back  Posted on 08/01/2012
After experiencing a HOT summer break, it is always nice to come "home" to some cool weather and Lagos has that. Right now.Rainy season is still around. I love it! I took a blogging break the last 2 months. It have been a great...
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Out With The Old, In With The New  Posted on 05/30/2012
That phrase always get stuck in my head eversince I heard it. Yes, this is the time when lots of expats move out of Lagos and I can't believe how many expats are leaving. Some are going back to their home country and those that are...
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What's Up With That??  Posted on 05/29/2012
1.10am.Yes, that's how and when my Tuesday starts in gloomy-looking Lagos. Not good. Freaking power outages woke me up! The generator has been very unreliable the last few days if not the past week. It is not a shocker really! I...
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Obe Dindin  Posted on 05/27/2012
Wondering what the heck is that??? Have a sit and I'll explain though this will sound very familiar to the locals :)Obe Dindin is one of the dish that I had when I went to a local restaurant called Yellow Chilli on Friday. ´╗┐...
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How To Behave Badly  Posted on 05/19/2012
OK, this blog i'm writing is going to sound bitchy, grouchy and probably tasteless all at the same time. I don't freaking care. I don't know but probably I am just tired. It's only been almost 2 days since my husband...
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  • asifkazi
    asifkazi 02 July 2013 21:18:22

    it nice place
    i had also recently moved in lagos
    working as Gen Manager

  • testingwaters
    testingwaters 26 April 2012 15:51:17

    Interesting. I hope u are having a nice time in Lagos?

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