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We Found Happiness

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added on 28/02/2011 
Our family moved to Lagos, Nigeria in July 2009. It is a compilation of ramblings about expat life, kids and everything else in between.
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Small Gestures/ Big Difference  Posted on 02/04/2014
A little before my family and I moved back to the States from Nigeria, I learned about World Moms Blog. This organization has been involved in many different ways to improve the lives of mothers and children all over the world. While...
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Writer's Block  Posted on 05/31/2013
I know I have been AWOL for a long time on the blog. As I have written before, moving back and transitioning back into "civilized" life has been a bit difficult for me. Now, all of the sudden, I find it is the end of May and...
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New Beginnings  Posted on 01/13/2013
Happy New Year and I hope you all had a great Holiday Season! (I thought the smiles in the above picture can light the way for the New Year!) I know ours was pretty busy.:) We were off to Chicago for Christmas and then a weekend at the...
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There Is No Reason...  Posted on 12/16/2012
I have always had the view in my mind that everything in life happens for a reason. Over this weekend, I realized what a child like view of the world that truly is. I was taking that idea on as a person who has never( and still has never)...
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Thankful  Posted on 11/26/2012
My 36th Thanksgiving has come and gone and like many other people around the U.S., I have spent some time thinking about all the things I am thankful for. These past few months of adjusting to life back in "the world" have been a...
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A Village ( a post for Blog Action Day)  Posted on 10/15/2012
It is so hard to find time to write anything down these says. One good thing about living on a compound in Nigeria was there weren't so many other distractions because you really had not too many other places to be.:) I had my...
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Jumbled...  Posted on 09/27/2012
I haven't been here for a while....there are lots of reasons I guess. It is not that I haven't had anything to say...actually, there have been so many thoughts in my head these last months and I haven't had the time to sit...
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Woven  Posted on 08/24/2012
´╗┐It's been a summer of saying good bye and hello again. We went back to the beach and visited family we hadn't seen in a year, but picked up right where we left off... We spent time with a loved one who needed extra love and...
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Summer Break  Posted on 07/05/2012
I hope all of my American friends had a great Fourth of July! I have decided to take a blogging break for the summer. I am in the process of adjusting and regrouping, and I am planning to be back here more regularly the end of August.:) I...
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"Normal"  Posted on 06/28/2012
Exhaustion!!!!These past two and half weeks have been filled with happiness at seeing old friends again, nervousness about finding a house, anxiousness about putting an offer on just the right house, elation when that offer was accepted,...
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  • raj 1973
    raj 1973 08 July 2014 06:29:41

    I am planing to move LAGOS with my family from India ... My son is 7 yrs old .. hw is the education cost basically amerian school ..

  • AIM GLOBAL NIGERIA 24 September 2012 02:28:39

    I remember my friend, a Nigerian expat in the Philippines, telling me how she can\'t stand being stared at by Filipinos even in the Central Business District (which is a haven for expats). Now I know how it feels to be in her place, like being inside in an aquarium and being watched. I had to look at my back ever now and then for safety reasons. But I guess I\'ll get used to it in a few. But everything is new to me so I am happy to be here and meeting people from the other side of the world.

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