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added on 12/10/2006 by: Ishtar
Born in Sweden but came to Niger in 1986. Live my life half a year in Sweden and half a year in Niger. Best thing I know? Some sunshine and a blue, blue sky! Which means that when summer is over in Sweden and winter arrives, it's time for me to move south... Here's my journey!

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esthergarvi.com has moved!  Posted on 09/02/2011
My blog esthergarvi.com was hacked a few weeks ago, but is now up and running again at its new domain:esthergarvi.org/...where the tales from Ishtar's Ark and life & work in West Africa continue.Come and join the fun!Warm...
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Back from the bush  Posted on 08/05/2011
I'm back from Tanout again and I had an awesome time... I love the day after we've wrapped up work and we go for a tour in the Eden village... I love the people, the setting, the ambiance, the warmth - everything... And for every...
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Skywatching with Black Kites!  Posted on 08/05/2011
I just came back from two days at the field station and it was amazing... After we finished work on Wednesday, a coworker and I went for an afternoon stroll to the nearby lake. There were hundreds of black kites in the fields, in the...
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Heading back to Tanout  Posted on 08/02/2011
Hi all! I am going back to Tanout this afternoon and I've been looking forward to it ever since I came back on Thursday. Hope to be spending one day and two nights!
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Swimming in Rainy Season Greens  Posted on 08/01/2011
Because my blog esthergarvi.com/ was hacked last night, I am posting at my old blog while I work to sort through the mess. In either case, life in Niger goes on and time won't wait to show off the current rainy season beauty that we...
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My blog esthergarvi.com has been hacked!  Posted on 08/01/2011
After having blogged at esthergarvi.com/ for more than three years, I woke up this morning to find that someone had successfully hacked into my blog and deleted it. Just like that.During the same night, my sister's blog...
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Ishtar News has moved!  Posted on 02/28/2008
After blogging for two seasons, I have decided to set up a blog in my own name. For the continuation of Ishtar News, click here.See you soon!Esther aka Ishtar
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From one world to another  Posted on 02/26/2008
Thanks guys for all your support! It means a lot.The journey went well. I am tired, but have landed in Sweden this morning. A lot of things (and feelings) have been going through my mind lately, but through it all, I feel joy, peace and...
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In heaven  Posted on 02/22/2008
My dad called me at 5 am this morning to tell me that my mother had left us. I don't know what to say right now, more than that my intellect and my soul are not in unison. I will be leaving for Sweden on Monday.Ishtar
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  • Rashed 25 April 2012 12:11:44

    Oh, goodness, I fkranly never thought about it (which is probably why I'll never have a million euros).. I know I wouldn't stash it away, but use it to fulfill my dreams (as soon as I figure out what they are!). Still, till then, I guess I'll need to put it somewhere, and I'm not sure how much I trust (or like) traditional banks/investment companies these days.. (Would I give my money to the devil if it promised me a good return? Perhaps. But can I trust the devil to keep its promise? And would I have anyone but myself to blame if it doesn't?)

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