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Welcome Baby Yeukai Danielle Skye!  Posted on 07/04/2014
Im such a bad person, how could I not mention this? Just when all this was happening...Building collapsing in Dar TZ. I had conceived a little angel. She arrived on the 27th of November 2013. She is the little darling of the family.Like...
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Just around the corner  Posted on 04/23/2013
8.30am on a Good friday morning, still in bed. The building shook us up, like an earthquake, not that i have ever experienced earthquake, but ya! thats how i felt. Not knowing where to go, how to jump, which direction. Straight to the...
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Imagine you...  Posted on 04/22/2013
Imagine you...- woke up hungry like I did today?- had Un expected girl -friends who decided to pay you a visit?- your mother I law who was passing by, just to check on her grand kids ?As for me, I had no intentions of making breakfast...
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Project management  Posted on 02/19/2013
I keep promising myself one thing that doesn't happen in a second, but that's one of my dreams. Right now as I'm sitting here, Cracking my head.My husband and I have a house that is sitting in South Africa without anyone...
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Which part of my face says DUMB?  Posted on 02/18/2013
Which part of my face is written DUMB? They cleaned my room and took my earrings under the pillow. In a few sec, I remembered..."shut!, my earrings! ... Too late#. I called one to ask, she denies,and added by asking me if I am...
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The Equator  Posted on 05/29/2012
Did you know the equator crosses on KENYA? Well , yes it does,Yes. Mount Kenya, in the middle of the country, almost sits on the equator. been there and got the certificate. Did I mention planting a tree in Sarova Shaba Lodge? Oh yeah! We...
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New Year's Eve  Posted on 05/24/2012
Hve you ever thought of new years eve in the bush? This was awesome! As we were closing the year 2009, We decided to go up country. This was a far as the Ethiopian borders, in the Samburu arear, pass Isiolo, a small town in the north of...
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My Birthdays in KENYA  Posted on 05/23/2012
Thank you so much to all my friends who celebrated my birthday. It felt like i was home. I really appreciate the love. Much love, Nix
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Relocating  Posted on 05/22/2012
I have been thinking , wishing , praying and just when I was sure that God doesn’t here my prayer, I was tired of living away from home. Even when I visited home, it wasn’t home nomore, couldn’t stay there, for fear of...
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