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The Day After  Posted on 02/16/2014
Yesterday it was fireworks. Yesterday the taste of melted chocolate, the smell of rose petals and the sound of a gentle saxophone all said “Love” to me. The day was magical. The night was magical and ordinary people turned into...
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The Art of feeling Stupid and other Auditions  Posted on 01/23/2014
So the other day I auditioned for a movie. This is the year of branching out for me so I am really happy to try out new things. I’ve never been in a movie before and would love to star in a Nigerian film. So since I live in Kenya I...
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Please Don't Ask Me These Questions!  Posted on 11/29/2013
I love my country Bermuda and my fellow Bermudians. We're friendly people. Beautiful people of all shapes, sizes and colours. But one thing that always gets on my nerves without fail when I return are some of the really dumb questions...
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Behind Chiziqa  Posted on 11/06/2013
Every life has a story. Every music video has a story. Here's mine...My first music video called ‘Chiziqa’ launched last week at Tribeka in downtown Nairobi. Willy Tuva, the host said was said that it was the most...
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My Personal thoughts on the Finals #sakata4  Posted on 10/13/2013
Dear Dancers and Fans, Since there is a lot of talk going on about the Sakata 4 finals I thought that I’d also add my own thoughts into the conversation. Please feel free to treat this thread as a safe space to post your replies,...
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Trauma and Lemon Tarts: Life after Westgate  Posted on 10/08/2013
I walked into Mama’s today. That’s the French brasserie where I've been purchasing lemon tarts as my earned guilty pleasure since a couple of weeks ago when I was stuck in the bathroom for over three hours while AK-47...
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The Pseudo-Naturalist Part 1  Posted on 09/17/2013
Back when I lived in Jerusalem I used to complain about the smog in the city, the over-crowded traffic, grimy streets and lack of yard space for children to play. There weren’t many single houses but there were loads of apartments...
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Vitambi - Kenrazy Makes a Comback in Style  Posted on 08/20/2013
On Wednesday, August 14, 2013 it was a rainy day in Nairobi. The streets were flooded and Thika Road Highway looked like the residents would need life jackets. I walked hurriedly in the rain as my shoes sloshed along and the bottoms of my...
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Africanah  Posted on 08/13/2013
I’ve been reading Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's latest book entitled, Americanah. While reveling in the similar ways that I experienced America coming from Bermuda and the opposite cross-culture shock of experiencing Kenya I felt...
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