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Magic Sea Weed on the Wall...  Posted on 06/30/2013
Well summer's here and as The Rolling Stones would have us believe "the time is right for fighting in the streets", whilst this at the moment does appear to be globally accurate, Egypt, Turkey and Greece being the places in...
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Gramatical Concussion  Posted on 06/30/2013
It's Sunday morning, I am on my second mug of tea, and struggling to rejoin the human race, my mind has relocated the various bodily appendages and informed them who is the boss, and for the most part they seem to have submitted. My...
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Oh Bugger Again!!  Posted on 06/28/2013
The sea gods had decided not to play today, and it was a few days since I had got any serious tarmac under my wheels. The weather was alternating windy, sunny, rainy, typical Scottish summer really. I rode my usual short out and back...
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Living the dream  Posted on 06/28/2013
Some people seem to get it right, everything they try works, they achieve what they set out to achieve, or so we perceive it. Sometimes it's a case of Carpe Diem, they seized the moment that we who have not achieved the same as them...
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Keeping It Real  Posted on 06/27/2013
After a day's surfing, and then writing up the last post on this blog I got sent this. It puts it all back into perspective, body fat percentages, resting heart rates, the right shaped board, tyre pressures on my bike however bad it...
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The tea leaves were right  Posted on 06/27/2013
Some swell finally made it. It had been forecast on Magic sea weed, but MSW had been forecasting swell for a few days, so there was a certain case to be made for hedging of bets. Classic , day/ No not really but good enough to justify...
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Magic Seaweed!!!! Yeah right !!!  Posted on 06/24/2013
Magic Seaweed was forecasting 3' to 4' with cross off shore winds today, and I am in need, so I poped down at low tide to have a quick look, the lines were there so I thought when the tide changes with a bit of a push the swell...
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Global Banking!!!  Posted on 06/22/2013
I am aware , as are most people these days, that the banks are some what out of favour, and much of the trouble comes from mismanagement and ill considered lending, well recently I had an experience of banker lending habits that really...
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TOTAL RECALL  Posted on 06/22/2013
Don Maclean of "American Pie" fame was, apart from having a great voice, a gifted lyricist, of course he is best known for "American Pie" and "Vincent", but one of my favourite Maclean lines is "...
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Rule V  Posted on 06/21/2013
Rule V, the basic and most important of the rules, my only query, being as it is the most important is "why is it not Rule 1"? My only and best guess is that it was the aesthetics of the Roman numeral "V" and its...
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