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BurkinaMom's Life in Africa

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added on 15/07/2008 by: Beth Jacob
I am an archaeologist from Nebraska married to a French anthropologist. For the last eight years, we have been living in Ouagadougou with our four children. Want to know what Burkina Faso is REALLY like? Read this blog!

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Les Grandes Medievales 2015  Posted on 06/05/2015
My gorgeous new tent! What better reason to break a long silence than to ramble endlessly about my favorite event of the year: Les Grandes Medievales d'Andilly? This French Ren Faire has been going strong for 19 years.. and I have...
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Not Very Dead  Posted on 03/29/2015
As in "This blog may look dead. And it is. But not VERY dead. So that's all right, then."Somehow, the jaunty "See you tomorrow" of my last post turned out to be laughably overly-optimistic.But here I am again,...
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Phone-a-blog  Posted on 08/05/2014
My computer is eight years old and has decided that it is time to retire. Maybe move to Florida and play some golf.I have been slow to accept her decision to move on to a new life of bingo, scrabble tournements or whatever the heck old...
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All Shower, All The Time.  Posted on 03/26/2014
After too many mishaps to tell of in this modest blog, we are finally DONE with the last big remodelling project chez nous!The shower in the kids' bathroom was looking shabby, so we decided that after the guest room and bathroom were...
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Totally Worth Waiting For (AKA Pimp My Garage)  Posted on 02/04/2014
After long silence, it has all built up to this moment: STILL MORE HOME RENOVATIONS!!!!And what is better than that? Nothing- duh!We need more room in our home in order to welcome guests more comfy-cozily (pretty sure that's not a...
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Various Citrus-based Diseases  Posted on 07/04/2013
As I sorted through images to find just the right one for this post, I stumbled upon the following: I found the image strangely heartening. The fact that the ticks are cavorting around on top of a dime means that they are probably at least...
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Pimp My Livingroom  Posted on 06/23/2013
This post is not about television programs, travel or bubonic plague. It is about my all-time favorite topic: renovating our sweet and rather exasperating old house.Yes- in May, The New and Improved Romanian Handyman showed up. Actually,...
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I won't go into the specific, horrid details, but I have been sick for about the last three weeks and it has really cut into our fun here in the USA. While in Avignon, I came down with some kind of flu and I had thought it was almost gone when I got  Posted on 04/20/2013
I won't go into the specific, horrid details, but I have been sick for about the last three weeks and it has really cut into our fun here in the USA. While in Avignon, I came down with some kind of flu and I had thought it was almost...
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Beth in Nebraska  Posted on 04/14/2013
After many, many adventures, we have finally arrive in Lincoln!We won't be here for long.... we are here for Art's celebration of life ceremony an will just stay two weeks.We've been able to spend time with family and have...
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  • paul 15 May 2012 14:20:38

    I got a job at one of the mines near the capital city. I want to know the following:
    1. The temperatures
    2. The languages that are spoken there. I am from a former british colony hence the only european language I can speak is english
    3. The infrastructure that is in place i.e roads, water electricity etc
    4. Enterterniment structure i.e satelite TV, sports, hotels, restarents etc
    5. Rental for flats/ apartments - one/two beds in the elite class surburbs

  • JOSAPHAT 11 May 2012 08:40:55

    Hello i am Josaphat and i fond interresting your blog, but when i walked through the blog i wasn't satisfied cause i haven't seen anything about Burkina Faso... If you really enjoyed being their so i encourage you with the idea, don't give up. God bless! Sincerely!

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